Homeless writer discovers spreadsheet listing many developers as captains with donation records and goals

The name "Neil" appears several times on the document, which looks like a fundraising list

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      Homeless binner and writer Stanley Q. Woodvine has found many interesting things in the trash over the years.

      In 2019, he discovered blueprints in a Dumpster of a planned subway station on the northeast corner of Granville and West Broadway.

      The detailed floor plans were in a bin in the 1400 block of West Broadway.

      Five years earlier, he found Canada Border Services Agency uniforms in another Dumpster, this time behind an apartment in Fairview.

      This week, Woodvine came across something that will intrigue many political analysts.

      It's a two-page spreadsheet printout, which was in the 300 block of West Broadway just a few blocks from Vancouver City Hall.

      It includes a list of "captains" in what appears to be a fundraising document. Beside each name are the 2022 donations, followed by the goal.

      The captains include many Vancouver developers and real-estate executives, such as:

      Arnold Silber, president, Value Property Group ($4,000 donations, $25,000 goal)

      Terry Hui, CEO, Concord Pacific ($8,200 donations, $31,250 goal)

      Daisen Gee-Wing, senior vice president, Canadian Metropolitan Properties ($1,200 donations, $12,500 goal)

      Jim Szabo, vice chairman capital markets, CBRE ($1,250 donations, $12,500 goal)

      Joe Carreira, vice president development, Conwest Group of Companies ($1,765 donations, goal $12,500)

      Jon Stovell, president and CEO, Reliance Properties Ltd. ($2,500 donations, goal $12,500)

      Leon Bogner, principal and founder, Bogner Development Group ($1,250 donations, goal $5,000)

      Tony Hepworth, president and CEO, the Pennyfarthing Group ($2,500 donations, goal $5,000)

      Anthony Pappajohn, partner in Jameson Development Corp. ($6,250 donations, goal $25,000)

      Colin Bosa/Jeff Skinner, CEO and senior vice president, Bosa Properties ($15,000 donations, goal $37,500)

      Ian Gillespie, founder of Westbank Projects Corp. ($2,400 donations, goal $25,000)

      Beau Jarvis, president, Wesgroup Properties ($1,812 donations, goal $37,500)

      Kerry Bonnis, partner, Bonnis Properties ($3,750 donations, goal $25,000)

      Sam Hanson, president, South Street Development Managers Ltd. ($2,500 donations, goal $18,750) 

      Bob Rennie, founder, Rennie Marketing Systems ($12,500 donations, goal $12,500)

      Brent Sawchyn, principal, PC Urban Properties Corp. ($11,639 donations, goal $18,750)

      Dak Molnar, principal, The Molnar Group Real Estate Inc. ($11,200 donations, goal $25,000)

      Duncan Wlodarczak, chief of staff, Onni Group of Companies ($9,999 donations, goal $25,000)

      Evan Allegretto, president, Intracorp Homes ($12,456 donations, goal $12,500)

      Francesco Aquilini, partner, Aquilini Investment Group ($64,300 donations, goal $110,000)

      Raymond Louie, chief operating officer, Coromandel Properties Ltd. ($2,500 donations, goal $25,000)

      Stepan Vdovine, director, business development and corporate affairs, Amacon ($12,424 donations, goal $18,750)

      Wayne Pai, vice president, development, Landa Global Properties ($22,489 donations, goal $36,000)

      David Negrin, CEO, MST Development ($2,500 donations, goal $5,000) 

      David Wesik, president of Third Space Properties ($2,500 donations, goal $5,000)

      Paul Faibish, senior vice president, development, QuadReal ($2,499 donations, goal $12,500)

      In May, Faibish joined QuadReal, which was launched in 2016 by a provincial Crown corporation, B.C. Investment Management Corporpation. Prior to that, he was senior vice president, development at Anthem Properties.

      Also on the list are liquor-industry advocates Bert Hick ($900 donations, goal $5,000) and Jeff Guignard ($1,100 donations, goal $5,000), as well as former NDP cabinet minister Moe Sihota ($0 donations, goal $25,000) and former B.C. NDP president Craig Keating ($950 donations, goal $12,500). 

      The name Neil and the initials NM appear several times on the document, with "NM Followup" listed as an entire category.

      Neil Monckton is the chief of staff to Mayor Kennedy Stewart.

      The Straight phoned and then emailed Stewart's political party, Forward Together, to ask if anyone wanted to comment on this document found by Woodvine.

      The party responded with this written quote:

      "Like all campaigns, Forward Together is actively fundraising," executive director Mark Hosak said. "We follow all Elections BC rules. In August, we were the first campaign to publicly disclose our donor list and will do so again before election day."

      The Straight followed up by asking the campaign if what Woodvine found is a Forward Together fundraising document. As of this writing, there has been no response to this question.