In midst of heat wave, B.C. Hydro customers break June record for peak hourly demand

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      Sky-high summer temperatures having an impact on people's power use.

      This is reflected in B.C. Hydro's announcement today that the record for peak hourly demand for electricity was broken on Friday (June 25) night.

      It's actually the second time that this has occurred this week in the midst of the current heat wave across the province.

      The Crown-owned utility expects demand to continue increasing over the weekend and reach an all-time summer record on Monday (June 28).

      B.C. Hydro anticipates that peak hourly demand could reach 8,300 megawatts.

      The current record was set on August 18, 2020, at 7,900 megawatts.

      There is not expected to be any power shortages. In fact, B.C. Hydro is offering assurances that it can meet the additional demand.

      The Crown utility is advising people to use fans to remain cool because it only costs $7 to run one of these devices for nine hours a day over the summer.

      It also recommends closing drapes and blinds, which can block up to 65 percent of the heat.