Joe Biden leads in Wisconsin and Michigan with most of the votes counted

If he wins these two states and keeps his leads in Nevada and Arizona, he will have won the U.S. presidential election

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      It's starting to look like the Democrats have rebuilt a key part of their "blue wall" in the Midwest.

      With 99 percent of the votes counted in Wisconsin, Joe Biden has a 20,610-vote lead over Donald Trump.

      In 2016, Trump won Wisconsin and collected its 10 Electoral College votes with a 0.8 percent margin.

      Biden is currently leading by 0.6 percent.

      Trump's campaign has called for a recount. That drew a sharp rebuke from Biden campaign senior legal adviser Bob Bauer, who told the Washington Post that Biden has won Wisconsin.

      "I have to note at the outset—after having declared a victory in Wisconsin last night, the President is now asking for the recount, so their messaging is a bit scrambled," Bauer said.

      Bauer also insisted that Biden has won Michigan, another Midwestern state that went for Trump in 2016.

      Biden currently has a 455,000-vote lead in Michigan with about 94 percent of the votes counted.

      Michigan has 16 Electoral College votes.

      If Biden wins Wisconsin and Michigan and wins Arizona, it would lift his total to 264—with 270 necessary to win.

      Should Biden win Nevada's six Electoral College votes, it would bring him up to 270. 

      Biden has a 0.6 percent edge over Trump in Nevada as of this writing. He's currently ahead in this state by 7,647 votes, with about two-thirds of all ballots counted.

      If Biden retains this lead, he would become president even if he were to lose Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia.


      The Associated Press has declared Biden the winner in Wisconsin. He's also been declared the winner in Michigan.