Laneway house with swimming pool proposed as addition to 1900s Shaughnessy home in Vancouver

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      A proposed development in the luxurious Shaughnessy neighbourhood of Vancouver mixes the modern with the old.

      Chris Doray Studio has applied for a permit to build a two-storey laneway house at back of an early 1900s house at 1063 Balfour Avenue.

      The infill comes with an outdoor swimming pool and hot tub.

      According to the project’s design rationale, the proposed structure will also “discreetly” house a three-car garage, which includes a car hoist.

      The document noted that this hoist will “provide for the homeowners’ past time in retrofitting his vintage car collection”.

      “With the garage now relocated at the northwest corner, the homeowners are able to enter their home in a garden setting under the open porch overlooking the new swimming pool and desk on the west side of the property,” Chris Doray Studio wrote.

      The landscaping includes a “turntable” with a diameter of five metres, which will give “ease of vehicular egress” for the homeowner.

      “This infill-building proposal wishes to respect the modern and at the same time, honour its history,” the design rationale stated. 

      The City of Vancouver will receive comment from the public on this development application until April 22, 2020.