Liberals go after NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh in announcement on protecting old-growth forests

North Vancouver candidate Jonathan Wilkinson says if his party is reelected, it will put forward $50 million toward a B.C. Old Growth Nature Fund

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      Many hardcore Canadian political insiders pay close attention to CBC senior writer Éric Grenier's "Poll Tracker".

      In its recent update, the Liberals have the support of 34.2 percent of Canadians based on an analysis of several polls, followed by the Conservatives at 30.1 percent and the NDP at 19.9 percent.

      "The Liberals continue to hold a lead over the Conservatives in national polling and would likely gain seats if an election were held today, but are slipping further away from being within reach of the 170 seats needed for a majority government," Grenier wrote.

      Part of the problem for the Liberals is the NDP's momentum under its leader, Jagmeet Singh.

      So today, the Liberals decided to take aim at Singh on a high-profile B.C. environmental issue.

      North Vancouver Liberal candidate Jonathan Wilkinson announced that a re-elected Liberal government would reach a "nature agreement" with the B.C. government to protect more old-growth forests and expand protected areas.

      This would involve establishing a $50-million B.C. Old Growth Nature Fund and ensuring that First Nations, local communities, and workers are "partners in shaping the path forward on ature protection.

      “This urgent situation requires urgent action, and the Liberals are the only federal party proposing concrete steps and funding to support the province in protecting iconic old growth forests,” Wilkinson said in a Liberal news release. “As a British Columbian, I was especially disappointed to see Mr. Singh fail to reference the protection of old growth forests in his nature protection ‘plan,’ particularly given he has been an elected representative of our beautiful province."

      Wilkinson was the environment and climate change minister in the last Liberal government.

      According to the Poll Tracker, the Liberals now have 34 percent probability of forming a majority government after the September 20 election and a 55 percent probability of winning the most seats but not a majority.

      The Conservatives have a 10 percent probability of winning the most seats, the Poll Tracker states, and a one percent probability of winning a majority.