List of 500 most expensive homes in B.C. showcases multi-million-dollar properties

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      The list of the 500 most expensive homes in B.C. is available for everyone to see.

      B.C. Assessment released the tally based on the 2021 values of the properties as of July 1, 2020.

      The Vancouver mansion of Lululemon founder and billionaire Chip Wilson at 3085 Point Grey Road tops the list at $66,828,000.

      A West Vancouver home at 2612 Folkestone Way takes the 500th spot with an assessed value of $10,368,000.

      Last year, the most expensive home sold was 3019 Point Grey Road in Vancouver. It went for $27 million.

      On B.C. Assessment’s list, the residence once rumoured to have been eyed by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle comes 39th with a 2021 assessed value of $21,922,000.

      The highest priced home on the market today is at 4868 Drummond Drive in Vancouver. Its listing price is $37,990,000.

      The property is 112th on the B.C. Assessment list with a value of $16,649,000.

      The second most expensive home on the market is at 1233 Tecumseh Avenue in Vancouver, with a list price of $35.8 million.

      The home comes 103rd on the B.C. Assessment list with a 2021 value of $17,063,000.

      To view the complete list, click here.

      B.C. Assessment also provides an interactive map here.