Looters smash windows and steal merchandise at Bellevue Square east of Seattle

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      Bellevue Square is one of the Metro Seattle areas upscale malls, perched on the east side of Puget Sound.

      It's part of the Kemper Development Company's Bellevue Collection, a group of three malls covering 5.5-million square feet.

      And this evening, store windows are shattered after looters entered the shopping centre and began helping themselves to what was on store shelves.

      According to KIRO News, some fireworks and incendiary devices have been launched at police.

      There's also a car on fire.

      Bellevue police have ordered people to remain out of the downtown core.

      Bellevue mayor Lynne Robinson has delcared a state of emergency "as a result of looters downtown damaging property and stealing merchandise".

      A curfew was put in place at 5:30 p.m. but there are still many people in the streets of Bellevue.

      In addition, there's a curfew in Tukwila, which is another city in western Washington state, which is due to come into effect at 9 p.m.

      This order came after looting at a Target store in the Southcenter Mall.

      There have also been peaceful protests in Washington state honouring George Floyd, the 46-year-old Minnesota man of African ancestry who died at the hands of police.

      Floyd said that he couldn't breathe, but the officer did not lift his knee and three other officers continued watching.