Mayor Doug McCallum says he was verbally assaulted and his foot was run over by motorist

As police investigate, the mayor is recovering, according to a statement sent to the media

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      A high-profile Metro Vancouver mayor says he's doing okay after an angry encounter on Saturday (September 4).

      Surrey's Doug McCallum has sent a statement to media outlets claimed that he was verbally assaulted while he shopping for groceries.

      He also said that a motorist drove over his foot and he's now recovering.

      The Mounties are investigating.

      News 1130 has cited unconfirmed reports suggesting that McCallum encountered a group of people organizing to try to keep the RCMP in Surrey.

      Since being elected mayor in 2018, McCallum has pushed forward with the creation of a new municipal Surrey Police Service.

      In the 2022 election, he will be challenged by Coun. Brenda Locke, a former member of his Safe Surrey Coalition who wants to retain the RCMP in Surrey.


      One of the people who was leafletting at the grocery story, Ivan Scott, told CBC News that McCallum approached them and said they weren't allowed to be collecting signatures at that location. Scott also dismissed McCallum's claim that someone ran over his foot, describing this as "laughable".