Municipal elections 2011: Vancouver council candidates' commentaries

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      The Georgia Straight is inviting candidates for Vancouver city council to each write an opinion piece for publication on our website. The commentaries will be added to this page, sorted alphabetically by party and candidate's name, as they are posted.

      If you are a candidate, please contact web editor Stephen Hui by email or on Twitter for details.

      Coalition of Progressive Electors

      RJ Aquino: Lack of affordability is central issue in Vancouver election

      Tim Louis: You can count on COPE to get things done

      Ellen Woodsworth: I will fight for affordable housing, electoral reform, and diverse neighbourhoods

      De-Growth Vancouver

      Ian Gregson: How do de-growth and downshifting relate?

      Chris Shaw: It’s time to discuss limits to growth: Some thought experiments

      Green Party of Vancouver

      Adriane Carr: There are smarter ways for Vancouver to grow


      Sandy Garossino: Vancouver, we’ve got a housing problem

      Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver

      Nicole Benson: Tackling the powerlessness of Vancouver residents

      Marie Kerchum: City council is putting the livability of Vancouver in jeopardy

      Terry Martin: Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver is dedicated to grassroots democracy

      Elizabeth Murphy: This civic election will direct the next 30 years of planning

      Non-Partisan Association

      George Affleck: Vision-COPE alliance doesn’t care to listen to the people

      Elizabeth Ball: Vancouver council dedicated to arts will lead way to magnificent city

      Sean Bickerton: My first love affair

      Joe Carangi: Bold leadership will make Vancouver great again

      Ken Charko: Making better decisions at city council and keeping taxes low

      Mike Klassen: A safe, green, clean, and fun Vancouver for all

      Jason Lamarche: We need to raise our standard of living in Vancouver

      Bill McCreery: Vancouver, neighbourhoods in peril

      Francis Wong: Making affordability a priority for Vancouver city council

      Bill Yuen: NPA council will bring fiscally responsible government back to Vancouver

      Vision Vancouver

      Kerry Jang: Great strides made on homelessness, but much more work to be done

      Geoff Meggs: Electing a clear, strong voice on transit expansion is critical

      Andrea Reimer: A Vision-COPE council will continue to remove barriers to citizen participation

      Tony Tang: Affordability is the issue in this Vancouver election campaign



      James G

      Nov 16, 2011 at 3:29pm

      To all running for City Council, thank you for putting your names forward and offering the City your services. To those three especially which I criticized most heavily on these boards, namely Mike Klassen, Andrea Reimer and Geoff Meggs, I sincerely wish you all the success and happiness life can offer in every aspect of life other than your political careers.