NDP MP Peter Julian introduces private member's bill to ban the "correction of a child by force"

His hopes that children can have the same legal protection as adults against assault in Canada

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      To spank or not to spank.

      If New Westminster–Burnaby NDP MP Peter Julian gets his way, it will become illegal to administer corporal punishment against children in Canada.

      Today, he introduced a private member's bill to repeal a Criminal Code section that permits "the correction of a child by force if certain criteria are met".

      "As we well know, physical punishment of children is still legal in Canada despite the fact that dozens and dozens of countries around the world have banned the practice," Julian said in Parliament. "This bill seeks to repeal section 43 of the Criminal Code that allows for physical punishment of children."

      Julian's bill came in response to the efforts a group called Corrine's Quest, which aims to end all physical punishment of children in Canada.

      The group was created in 2013 in honour of lawyer Corrine Robertshaw, who sought for years to repeal section 43 of the Criminal Code.

      “Corinne's Quest continues to advocate on behalf of children," Julian said in an NDP news release. "A special thanks to Kathy and John Lynn who are constituents of mine in New Westminster–Burnaby, who are really shepherding the push to ban physical punishment of children and repeal section 43. I hope that all members of Parliament will support this important legislation."

      Julian's bill has been seconded by Nunavut NDP MP Lori Idlout and went through first reading today.