NPA park board candidates Kumi Kimura and incumbent Tricia Barker join TEAM for a Livable Vancouver slate

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      TEAM for a Livable Vancouver's campaign manager calls the latest civic political news a "game changer".

      Bill Tieleman, who's also a council candidate, used those words in describing the defection of two NPA park board candidates to the TEAM for a Livable Vancouver slate.

      Tricia Barker, a former advertising agency producer, was first elected to the park board in 2018 on the NPA slate.

      She and Kumi Kimura, another nominated NPA park board candidate, abandoned their party in the same week that former West Van police officer was nominated as the NPA mayoral candidate.

      Kimura is the senior manager of the Musqueam Golf Course.

      “Tricia Barker has been a voice of reason on a park board where the majority have so often been out of step with Vancouverites,” TEAM for a Livable Vancouver mayoral candidate Colleen Hardwick said in a news release. “Her experience and commitment to our parks will greatly help our existing candidates, along with Kumi Kimura’s deep knowledge of recreational facilities and management.”

      Hardwick was also first elected in 2018 on the NPA slate but abandoned the party last year after the NPA board appointed park commissioner John Coupar as mayoral candidate.

      Last month, Coupar withdrew from the race and was later replaced on the slate by former West Vancouver police officer Fred Harding.

      “TEAM for a Livable Vancouver is the growing alternative for those who want a common sense alternative to fix our parks and our city,” Tieleman said in the same news release. “ABC’s mayoralty candidate Ken Sim first promised to abolish the park board, then changed his mind—or did he?  And the current Green Party, COPE, Vision majority has clearly demonstrated they should not be in charge of our parks.”