Partying UBC students fined over $5,000 for violating B.C. COVID-19 health orders

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      B.C.’s educational phase of provincial health orders may be over as law enforcement increasingly cracks down on health violations, but there are individuals at a local post-secondary education institution who still haven’t learnt those lessons yet.

      University RCMP stated that it has been collaborating over the last few months with UBC to inform students about public health orders and the importance of avoiding group gatherings on campus.

      However, some students were caught violating those orders on the B.C. Family Day long weekend.

      Officers issued two $2,300 fines to organizers of gatherings and two $230 fines to individuals who were partying on February 13, for a total of $5,060 in fines.

      University RCMP did not specify how many parties took place or how many attendees were present.

      However, this is one of the first examples of UBC students receiving fines.

      In addition to fines, UBC has warned students that those who do not follow public health orders may face non-academic disciplinary actions by the university.

      Earlier this month, University RCMP were reported to have been investigating complaints about students gathering to party at Wreck Beach, where police previously received complaints about or broke up large gatherings, including up to 50 people without physical distancing and no masks worn, in August and September in 2020.

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