Past Conservative voters more likely than past Liberal and NDP voters to support reopening the border this summer

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      A new Angus Reid Institute poll shows that the vast majority of respondents would prefer not to visit the United States this summer.

      Of the 1,777 adults surveyed online on May 18 and 19, 60 percent said they would definitely not cross the border for even a day this summer. Another 24 percent said they would probably not visit the U.S.

      The poll also revealed a key difference when it came to people's past voting records.

      Those who voted Conservative in the last federal election were most likely to say they think the border should be reopened this summer to non-essential traffic.

      Only seven percent of NDP voters and nine percent of Liberal voters in the last federal election supported this idea, whereas 35 percent of respondents who voted Conservative felt it was appropriate to do this, starting on June 21.

      "Canadians who say they crossed the border at least five times last year are divided," the pollster reported. "But overall, 84 per cent of those who are within driving distance of the border say they will likely not be hopping across for groceries, shopping or visits this summer."