People's Party of Canada dumps riding president linked to gravel-throwing at Justin Trudeau rally

The incident is currently under police investigation.

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      The People's Party of Canada is trying to distance itself from a pebble-throwing brouhaha in London, Ontario.

      CTV National News has reported that the alleged perpetrator, Shane Marshall, is no longer president of the People's Party of Canada's Elgin-Middlesex-London riding association.

      Video taken of the event on September 6 showed a man who looked like Marshall—and carrying a flag like the one in the photograph above—bending over into an area with gravel. This occurred as Justin Trudeau was returning to his campaign bus.

      Eyewitnesses have claimed that he's the one who threw the pebbles, hitting the Liberal leader on the back.

      In addition, the pebbles struck a couple of people in the media, according to reporter Annie Bergeron-Oliver. Nobody was injured.

      This CBC video shows pebbles being tossed at Justin Trudeau.

      Police are investigating. None of the allegations have been proven in court.

      Marshall attended the event with Tyler Russell, who's an admirer of 20th-century Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, acccording to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

      Russell sometimes sports a "Make Canada Great Again" red cap and hosts the Russell Report, an online livestreamed show that was the subject of a damning article on the website.

      On June 30, he hosted a panel discussion on YouTube with People's Party of Canada candidate Mark Friesen and former candidate Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.