Photos: East Vancouver purchase brings happy ending to young couple’s epic search for first home

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      They refused to give up on Vancouver.

      After numerous misses and a lot of heartache, a young couple has finally landed their first home.

      Their successful purchase of 1163 East Pender Street residence marks a happy ending in an epic search that started last year.

      The journey saw them make offers on a succession of properties only to learn that they have been outbid.

      One of these was 950 Ringwood Avenue, which had an asking price of $1,249,800.

      The couple placed a bid of nearly $300,000 over the listing price, but that wasn’t enough.

      The Vancouver real estate received a total of 26 offers.

      The 950 Ringwood Avenue home sold in January 2022 for $1,830,000, or $580,000 over asking.

      The couple’s realtor David Hutchinson related to the Straight the experience of his clients, who requested not to be named in public.

      “They're both full-time working professionals, and this house hunt had turned into a part-time job,” Hutchinson recalled.

      It wasn’t an easy one.

      “We were losing out on homes weekly,” the Sutton Group-West Coast Realty agent noted.

      It was the "same vicious circle”.

      “Find the home, try and make the appointment before the slots fill up, scramble to get there on the weekend, fight the crowds also waiting view the home, rush through the home, get as many questions in as possible, discuss about making the offer, review all the documents, talk to the bank, prepare and sign the documents, send the offer, wait for hours to see if we got it,‘oh, we missed it by $200,000’, okay, see next weekend to do this all over again,” Hutchinson said.

      The long-time property agent related that buying a home is an “emotional rollercoaster, even in the best of times”.

      In this current seller’s market, it's “extra stressful”.

      “Who wouldn't want to throw in the towel?” Hutchinson said.

      In the end, they got the property that was “best for them” in the Strathcona neighbourhood.

      The detached home at 1163 East Pender Street has the couple’s “must-have list”.

      These include a garden and backyard space to accommodate possibly a hot tub in the future.

      The one-storey plus basement residence sold on March 8 for $1,581,000.

      Here’s a look at this Vancouver real estate where the couple hope to raise a family.