Photos: price reduced for mansion built by Vancouver liquor baron and restored by Beijing developer

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      The Rosemary Estate still awaits another earl.

      In December 2020, the Straight reported about the listing of this heritage home in Vancouver.

      Built between 1912 and 1913, the 3689 Selkirk Street property was originally owned by lawyer and liquor magnate Albert Edward Tulk.

      Tulk was the president and manager of Gold Seal Liquor Co., distributor during its time of, among others, Jos. E. Seagrams & Co. whiskeys.

      The businessman named the mansion after his daughter Rosemary.

      An account by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation (VHF) notes two notable figures who later lived in the Shaughnessy area mansion.

      They are Lieutenant Governor John William Fordham Johnson (1922-1931), and industrialist and horseman Austin Taylor (1931-1947).

      The Order of the Convent of our Lady of the Cenacle occupied the property from 1947 to 1994.

      The VHF goes on to relate that the Vancouver real estate was sold in 2014 to Mingfei Zhao.

      The CBC reported about 3689 Selkirk Street when the property was undergoing renovation.

      The report described Zhao as a retired property developer from Beijing, and the “new 'Earl' of Shaughnessy”.

      “Now 60, he admits to a net worth of over $1 billion Cdn and says he chose to retire to Vancouver for the ‘clean air’ and good education for his son,” CBC reported in 2016.

      Zhao paid for the estate in 2014 for $11,010,000.

      In the 2016 report, CBC stated that the owner had already spent $6 million for the ongoing renovation work at the time.

      The property was listed on the market in January 2020 for $26,988,000.

      The Straight reported on the one-year-old listing on December 26, 2020.

      The Vancouver real estate listing expired in January 2021, and returned to the market in June of the said year for the same price of $26,980,000.

      The offering terminated March 8, 2022 at a lower price of $23,980,000.

      On the same day, the Rosemary Estate returned to the market at a reduced price of $19,980,000, which remains as of Monday (May 2).

      The 3689 Selkirk Street mansion has a 2022 assessment of $19,236,000.