Police arrest Hong Kong pop star, actor, and human rights activist Denise Ho

The Canadian-raised entertainer has been taken to a police station

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      The Communist government crackdown in Hong Kong has continued in the week after Christmas with the arrest of a world-famous pop star, five journalists, and a seventh person accused of conspiracy to publish seditious material.

      National-security police swooped down in an early-morning operation to scoop up Denise Ho, a Canadian-raised Cantopop singer, actor, and LGBT icon.

      Ho, 44, has been one of the leading voices in Hong Kong's freedom movement, even speaking at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in 2019. She's also a Canadian citizen.

      Her assistant reportedly said that police took away phones and computers, Ho's passport, and identification card.

      In a massive show of force, 200 police officers also raided the offices of Stand News. Ho is a former board member of the nonprofit online news website.

      Back in 2019, Ho was banned from performing in Malaysia because of our outspoken support for LGBT rights. She came out as a lesbian at the Hong Kong Pride concert in 2012, becoming the first major female star to declare that she's a "tongzhi", which is Cantonese slang for "gay".

      It occurred a few months after a male Cantopop star, Anthony Yiu-Ming Wong, came out.