Predictions for 2021: It gets better

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      A decade ago, sex-advice columnist Dan Savage and his husband, Terry Miller, came up with an idea to try to stop a spate of suicides among young LGBT people who were being bulled.

      They dubbed their project "It Gets Better" and featured videos of high-profile people sharing their own experiences.

      In the wake of the pandemic, which has caused so much heartache, it's tempting to wish for something similar for those feeling economically battered and burned out. Our hearts go out to those who've lost loved ones over the past year.

      The arrival of vaccines, however, does hold out the prospect of things getting better in 2021. We still may have to get used to a new normal, where the novel coronavirus remains with us for years. But within a few months, let's hope that worst is behind us.

      Below, you can read some articles written by Georgia Straight staff with some predictions and suggestions for 2021.