President Donald Trump chalks up another first as Twitter red flags his tweets as a risk for inciting violence

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      Donald Trump has been a pioneer in many ways during his ill-fated tenure as the 45th President of the United States. While not the first Commander in Chief to think that there’s nothing wrong with grabbing his fellow human beings by the babymaker, he was the first to openly admit it with consent not being an issue.

      He was the first to stand on stage during a pre-election debate and proudly refuse to denounce racism—the Proud Boys are, after all, “good people” who will likely keep tiki-torch manufacturers busy for years to come.

      And while not the only Oval Office candidate to claim that he was cheated out of an election by his fellow U.S. citizens, he has been the first to encourage his unable-to-think-for themselves followers to do something about it. Like storm the U.S. Capitol, break a few windows, and then take a couple of selfies while illegally sitting in the chair of house speaker Nancy Pelosi, who wisely got the hell of out Dodge minutes earlier. 

      Now Trump can take credit for blazing a new path on Twitter.

      Normally, a Trump tweet is the green light for @mmpadellan, @murray_nyc, and @itsJeffTiedrich to instantly reply with a suggestion that the commander in chief has his head wedged so far up his ass that he could see his own tonsils.

      That didn't happen this today. Twitter has taken the groundbreaking step of flagging his tweets as disputable (which is nothing new-it's been happening since the election), as well as preventing anyone from replying to the tweet, retweeting it, or liking it “due to a risk of violence.”

      And there's certainly been violence Stateside today. When anarchy erupted in the U.S. Capitol this afternoon, and protestors began smashing windows and roaming the halls, politicians, lawmakers, police, and your great-aunt Edna in Idaho began calling for the President to do something. Like, you know, suggest that now would be a great time to stop acting like America is what Trump likes to call a “shithole country”.

      After a couple of half-hearted tweets, Trump finally got serious. And promptly got slapped down, again, by Twitter. An hour ago he posted a video on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In said video, he tripled down on his claims that the election was stolen from him, and that he and everyone who voted for him has a right to be upset.

      He then suggested that maybe they go home rather than continue to chase security guards around the halls of the U.S. Capitol. Their noble work was, after all, done. Said clip included the heartfelt words "We love you" and "You're very special." 

      And that’s continued a day of firsts for Trump. Twitter again prevented anyone from replying to the tweet, retweeting it, or liking it “due to a risk of violence.”

       YouTube and Facebook, meanwhile, took the clip right down.

      As anyone who’s seen It knows all too well, some clowns are far more dangerous than others. Which explains why a follow-up Tweet, in which Trump suggests this has been America’s greatest day since man walked on the moon, has also been red flagged by Twitter as a threat to everything that's decent.