Public alert: convicted sex offender, of high-risk to female teens and sex workers, to live in Vancouver

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      A person who is deemed high risk to female individuals will be taking up residence in Vancouver.

      The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) announced today (April 27) that 46-year-old Jatin Patel will live in this city under specific conditions.

      Patel is serving a seven-year longterm supervision order for a conviction of sexual assault.

      The VPD state that Patel is “a high-risk sex offender” and “poses a significant risk to adolescent females and sex workers in the city”.

      Patel is described as South Asian and 157 centimetres (five-feet, two-inches) tall with a medium build, short black hair, and brown eyes.

      Patel must abide by the following conditions:

      • cannot consume, purchase, or possess alcohol;
      • cannot consume, purchase, or possess drugs other than prescribed medication;
      • cannot associate with any person believed to be involved in criminal activity or substance misuse;
      • must not be in the presence of any female under age 18 unless accompanied by an adult;
      • cannot be in, near, or around any park, daycare, school, swimming pool, or recreational centre unless accompanied by an adult;
      • must not own, use, or possess any technological device with access to internet;
      • must not have contact with, or be in or near locations where sex workers are;
      • must reside at a community correctional centre or a community residential facility, or other residential facility.

      Anyone who witnesses Patel violating any of these conditions is asked to call 911.

      This is the second public notification that the VPD issued this month about a high-risk sex offender living in Vancouver. On April 8, the VPD warned that 33-year-old convicted sex offender John Ambrose Seward, who “poses a significant risk to women in the community”, will reside in the city.