RCMP finds no evidence to support allegations against NDP MLA Jinny Sims

This sharply lessens the likelihood of the B.C. Liberals triggering a provincial election before October 2021

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      Six months after Jinny Sims resigned from the B.C. cabinet, she's been cleared of any wrongdoing.

      Special prosecutor Richard Peck was appointed in October to work with the RCMP as the force investigated her for reasons that were never disclosed.

      "On April 2, 2020 Mr. Peck was informed by the RCMP that their investigation into the matter revealed no evidence to support any of the allegations made against MLA Sims and that they had closed their investigation," the B.C. Prosecution Service said in a statement.

      "As a result, he has concluded that there is no further action to take with respect to the matter and he has concluded his involvement."

      The B.C. NDP has 41 MLAs, compared to 42 B.C. Liberal MLAs, two B.C. Greens, and two independents (Andrew Weaver and Speaker Darryl Plecas).

      Last year, the B.C. Liberals blanketed Sims's constituency, Surrey-Panorama, with pamphlets asking why the NDP didn't disclose details about the investigation.

      “I’d like to thank the RCMP and Special Prosecutor for their fair and thorough investigation into these baseless accusations," Sims said in a statement. “Unfortunately, Andrew Wilkinson’s decision to promote these fabricated claims resulted in the unnecessary diversion of police time and resources. 

      “Every day, my focus remained on serving my constituents. I’m pleased that the RCMP has confirmed there is no evidence to support any of these claims."

      Had Sims been charged or forced to resign, the B.C. Liberals would have been in a position to win a by-election and possibly bring down the government.

      At the very least, a Sims resignation from the legislature would have enabled the B.C. Liberals to block legislation on tie votes if either Weaver, a Green, or a New Democrat were absent.

      Sims was the minister of citizens' services when she quit cabinet on October 4. She's since been replaced by Anne Kang, the NDP MLA for Burnaby–Deer Lake.

      It's left B.C.'s second-largest city, Surrey, with just two cabinet ministers—Bruce Ralston and Harry Bains—a year-and-a-half to go before the next provincial election.

      Vancouver has five cabinet ministers and one minister of state.