Reliance Properties proposes townhouses on East Vancouver parking lot near Broadway

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      Reliance Properties plans to build townhouses on a Vancouver parking lot a block away from East Broadway.

      The development serves as a companion piece to the company’s bigger development across the lane on Broadway.

      “The goal is to make both projects seem seamless from a design perspective and connected from a pedestrian perspective,” according to Integra Architecture Inc.

      Integra made the statement in the design rationale for a development permit application for the 482 East 8th Avenue townhouse project.

      The plan involves 12 townhouse units at the property located at the southwest corner of East 8th Avenue at St. George Street.

      The parking lot is for use by a two-storey office and warehouse building across the lane at 471 East Broadway.

      Reliance Properties owns 471 East Broadway, which also has a 2471 St. George Street address.

      Earlier, Integra Architecture submitted a development permit application for this East Broadway property for five-storey, mixed use building.

      The 471 East Broadway project will have commercial uses on the ground floor, and 91 homes on the upper levels.

      The property is one-and-a-half blocks to the east of Kingsgate Mall.

      Going back to the design rationale for 482 East 8th Avenue, Integra Architecture noted that the neighbourhood is “gradually becoming more pedestrian oriented and is demanding more ground oriented accessible shops and services”.

      “The proposed residential development will bring additional residents to the area to help support the small-scale local businesses envisaged for the East Broadway area,” the architectural company wrote.

      According to Integra Architecture, the lane shared by two projects has been “conceived as a kind of mini plaza with street trees, planting, concrete paving, sidewalk and patio gardens”.