Richmond women's centre continues silent auction on International Women's Day after vulgar Zoom bombing

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      An organization that advances the cause of women had an online Zoom fundraiser interrupted over the weekend by disgusting messages.

      According to the Richmond Women's Resource Centre, the "sexist, racist, ageist, vulgar and pornographic comments, images, and sounds" showed up during the keynote speech.

      Today, the centre will continue its fundraising efforts until 10 p.m. on International Women's Day. The tweet below shows how people can make donations.

      The centre was founded in 1976 and is currently delivering services online as a result of the pandemic.

      "Thank you to Annie Lo and Savneet Sandhu of the Boss Lady Collective for their calm and cool demeanor in light of disruption, to our Event MC Thor Diakow, for making the necessary adjustments, and to the staff and Board of the Richmond Women’s Resource Centre for their response to pivot and regain control of our event," the organization said in a statement.

      Following the disruption, Richmond councillor Alexa Loo noted over Twitter that the "misogynist INCEL" who hacked the event actually highlighted the importance of the centre's work.

      "We need to lift each other up to make our world better," Loo declared.

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