Sam Mizrahi's The One continues rise above Toronto's Bloor and Yonge

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      On the other side of this continent, The One is soaring skyward. When it officially premieres next year, its 94 floors and 338.3 metres will make it the tallest residential tower in Canada. Its sleek design and prime corner-of-Yonge-and-Bloor location will ensure it will also become an integral part of Toronto’s character.

      Already substantially built, it is also almost sold out with more than 80 percent of its 400 units under contract and expansive commercial space already taken up. A penthouse perch, with a spectacular view of the city, is priced at about $35 million. And the interior design reflects the kind of detail the buyer of such a grand condominium would expect, from elevators with floor-to-ceiling LCD screens to a rooftop infinity pool.

      Developer Sam Mizrahi incorporated beauty and practicality in the design. The beauty is obvious, and the practicality is perhaps best illustrated by Mizrahi’s decision, midway through construction, to add nine extra floors to accommodate rising demand.

      Mizrahi, founder of Mizrahi Developments, chose London-based Foster + Partners to create the bronze-accented tower, which will also accommodate a 135-room hotel. Guests will enjoy an optimal location for exploring the excitement of downtown Toronto; or, if they prefer not to leave the building, they will be able to stroll through a park-size garden terrace that crowns The One.

      In creating The One, Mizrahi has taken a broad view of craftsmanship. In a variety of interviews, he has indicated that he believes quality craftsmanship is about more than the details—although to this acknowledged perfectionist, details are important.

      Craftsmanship is also about how a resident or visitor feels, he contends. Whether it’s a return to a luxury condominium after a challenging day at the office, a brief stay in the hotel, or a walk through the rooftop garden, the goal is to maximize enjoyment, satisfaction, peace of mind, and relaxation. This is one metric that cannot be easily measured; although the absence of such intangible qualities is often easily noticed.

      The One will become a focal point of the Toronto skyline, helping define the city to the world.
      Mizrahi Developments

      According to Mizrahi, there is a need for luxury residences to accommodate the accomplished professionals from across the globe who want to make Canada their home. These individuals are attracted by the cultural diversity, social cohesiveness, political stability, and economic opportunity represented by Canada, and its largest city.

      A developer for more than a quarter century, Mizrahi has long dreamed of the opportunity to add his own dramatic exclamation mark to the city skyline. Beyond fulfillment of his long-time vision, The One demonstrates his confidence in the future of the city—and the country.

      The tower will also represent resilience, and even a subtle gleam of affection. Construction of The One began in 2017, and continued through the national and international challenges of the pandemic. Supply chain complexities and labour shortages couldn’t slow its inexorable rise.

      As the skyscraper reaches for the ultimate pinnacle of its premiere, it's not hard to imagine that the champagne color of the bronze exterior suggests a heart-felt toast, from an immigrant who came to Canada as a young boy, to the city he has helped sculpt from his own dreams and ambition.