Save Old Growth dumps manure outside Premier John Horgan's constituency office

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      Save Old Growth often practises peaceful civil disobedience in its campaigns to stop the logging of ancient forests.

      Today (May 25), it unveiled a new tactic—dumping manure at the constituency office of a politician.

      This time, the target was Premier John Horgan for failing to enact legislation to achieve Save Old Growth's target despite promising to implement all recommendations from an old-growth strategic-review panel.

      “The NDP Horgan government doesn’t seem to give a shit about following through on their promises to protect old growth, so we gave him some,” spokesperson Sophia Papp said in a news release.

      Another activist, Alexi Hu, criticized the premier for "continuing the same outdated, crappy policies and practices we've had for decades".

      In the news release, Save Old Growth stated that it expects arrests in the wake of its latest action.

      Save Old Growth

      Last year, the B.C. cabinet deferred old-growth logging in the Fairy Creek and Walbran areas on Vancouver Island in response to a demand by three Indigenous groups for greater stewardship.

      Former Vancouver city councillor Tim Louis pointed out in an April column on that there are approximately 11.1 milion hectares of old-growth forests in B.C.

      Of those areas, about 6.1 million hectares are either protected or under a temporary halt to logging.

      "The balance of B.C.'s old-growth forests remains unprotected and continues to be logged," Louis noted.