Stuart Parker resigns as leader of the B.C. Ecosocialists, citing a "slew of false allegations about transphobia"

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      B.C. Ecosocialists Leader Stuart Parker will resign as a candidate in Prince George–Valemount and as the party leader, effective at midnight tonight. Below, you can read a statement that Parker, a former B.C. Green leader, posted on his website:


      I see that BC’s two counterfeit left parties have chosen their strategy for derailing our campaign. A slew of false allegations of transphobia are being circulated against me and being used to tarnish the party and derail the important work of the coming campaign.

      We cannot afford to have that happen. The primary voting issue in this election must remain climate justice. Nothing can distract us from what is truly at stake: the very survival of our species. Every day we spend discussing whether it was wrong for me to defend a local Vancouver activist from a campaign to blacklist her from employment is a day we do not spend discussing John Horgan using the RCMP as Royal Dutch Shell’s brute squad to drive a fracked gas pipeline through the territory of the Wet’suwet’en people. And we cannot afford that distraction.

      So, it is with regret and reluctance that I am tendering my resignation as director, leader and candidate effective midnight tonight. I know, from the sterling group of young people who have joined our slate and our board over the past eleven months that I am leaving this party is excellent hands. You folks will do a great job and I will be proud to cast a vote for whomever the party selects in Prince George-Valemount.

      Solidarity and courage

      Stuart Parker

      Tweets that preceded the resignation