Sun Towers 1 by Belford Properties rises in residential heart of Burnaby’s Metrotown

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      The residential heart of Burnaby’s downtown area has a new skyscraper.

      Belford Properties has completed the development of Sun Towers 1 in Metrotown, which the city has named as its official downtown area.

      The 41-storey condo and commercial tower is located at 4458 Beresford Street in the Maywood neighbourhood.

      In its Metrotown Downtown Plan, the City of Burnaby designated the Maywood area as the “residential ‘heart’ of Metrotown, with opportunities for people to live, gather, socialize, and celebrate”.

      The neighbourhood is bounded by Beresford Street to the north, Willingdon Avenue to the east, and Imperial Street to the south.

      As well, the Metrotown plan includes a “hierarchy of streets” with six “character streets” that will a “specific personality, feel, or environment that make them unique compared to other streets within the Downtown”.

      One of these is Beresford Street, home to Belford Properties’ Sun Towers 1.

      The city’s plan classified the throroughfare as an “artwalk and celebratory street”.

      “Beresford Street is envisioned as a distinct corridor to be transformed into a celebratory street and artwalk, intended to give people a reason to stay and explore,” the plan states.

      Moreover, “Retail and commercial uses will further help to generate pedestrian activity on the street. Such uses are intended to be locally-oriented, meeting the day-to-day needs of residents.”

      In a media release, Belford Properties stated that the Sun Towers site will feature a public art piece called “Bright Waters” by Los Angeles-based artist Cliff Garten.

      The work consists of 11-foot-high illuminated sculptures at each end of the location.

      Sun Towers 1 is one of two highrises planned at the site.

      In 2016, Burnaby city council approved a rezoning application to build what is now the 41-storey Sun Towers 1 at 4458 Beresford Street and sister building of 26 floors on Silver Avenue.

      “We are proud to be a part of the thriving City of Burnaby,” Leon Sun, vice president of marketing for Belford Properties, said in the media release.

      Sun added that the company looks forward to play a “key role in the evolution of the Burnaby community over the next decade”.

      The developer plans to build a total of five residential and mixed-use towers in Metrotown.

      Sun Towers 2 is under construction and currently selling.