TEAM for a Livable Vancouver asks Elections B.C. to investigate fundraising list found by Stanley Q. Woodvine

The request from mayoral candidate Colleen Hardwick is in connection with a "purported" Forward Together document that includes names of many major developers

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      A new Vancouver political party is seeking an independent Elections B.C. investigation into a fundraising list reported on by the Georgia Straight on September 13.

      TEAM for a Livable Vancouver wants to know if this list was created by Mayor Kennedy Stewart's political party, Forward Vancouver.

      It names 26 development-company senior executives as "captains". Collectively, these 26 individuals had a stated goal of raising more than $300,000, according to the list.

      Beside some of them, the stated donations to date exceeded the $1,250 allowed each year by Elections B.C. The list did not indicate if this was money that they had raised from others or had contributed themselves.

      "If so, what is the meaning of amounts of money in excess of personal donation limits alleged to have been attributed to some of Vancouver’s most prominent major corporate developers?" Hardwick asked. 

      The document was found outside a West Broadway No Frills store by homeless writer Stanley Q. Woodvine.

      Forward Vancouver has not confirmed to the Straight that the document was created by anyone associated with the party. It included the name Neil and the initials NM in several places. The mayor's chief of staff is Neil Monckton. 

      "Is this purported list which assigns people with first names and initials similar to staff working in the Mayor’s office to donors real or fake?” Hardwick asked.

      TEAM for a Livable Vancouver is not accepting personal donations from major corporate developers, even though this is legal under the Election Act. The party wants Elections B.C. to clear the air before the advance poll opens on October 1.

      “Vancouver voters need to know the truth about this alleged fundraising list before they cast their ballots – it’s critical that Elections BC find out what has actually happened and clear the air,” TEAM for a Livable Vancouver campaign manager and council candidate Bill Tieleman said. 

      The general election is scheduled on October 15.