TransLink to replace elevators, escalators at six SkyTrain stations, including Waterfront, Commercial-Broadway

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      Transit riders face a number of hassles along the way.

      Sometimes it’s about elevators and escalators that don’t work.

      Mercifully, there will be some relief.

      TransLink will replace elevators and escalators at six SkyTrain stations.

      New elevators will be installed at the 29th Avenue, Patterson, Edmonds, Columbia, and Waterfront SkyTrain Stations.

      In addition, the escalators at the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain Station will be replaced.

      The elevators and escalators are projected to be operational in 2023.

      The project will cost a total of more than $18.4 million, and TransLink has asked for most of the money from the Greater Vancouver Regional Fund.

      The GVRF comes from the federal gas tax fund.

      A report to the Metro Vancouver regional board indicated that the elevator and escalator replacement is one of eight projects that TransLink has proposed for federal gas tax funding.

      TransLink is requesting funding approval of $154.13 million from the GVRF to support the eight projects.

      The report is included in the agenda Friday (January 29) of the Metro Vancouver board.

      The projects are scheduled to be completed over the next two years, from 2021 to 2023.

      These include the replacement of 57 diesel buses with battery-electric buses, like-for-like replacement of 136 HandyDART, community shuttle, and service vehicles,and upgrade of the electrification infrastructure at  the Port Coquitlam Transit Centre to support battery-electric buses.

      Seven new elevators will be installed at 29th Avenue, Patterson, Edmonds (two), Columbia (two), and Waterfront.

      The project budget is $11,805,000, with TransLink seeking GVRF funding of $11,217,810.

      Meanwhile, three new escalators will be installed at the Commercial-Broadway Station.

      The project budget is $6,682,820, with TransLink asking for GVRF funding of $5,465,014.