Trump ally Josh Hawley dumped by publisher Simon & Schuster

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      Simon & Schuster announced today that, in light of yesterday's storming of Washington's Capitol Building by desperate pro-Trump supporters, it won't be publishing the upcoming book by desperate pro-Trump supporter Josh Hawley.

      The Missouri senator's book, The Tyranny of Big Tech, was scheduled to be published in June.

      “We did not come to this decision lightly,” Simon & Schuster said in a statement. “As a publisher it will always be our mission to amplify a variety of voices and viewpoints: At the same time we take seriously our larger public responsibility as citizens, and cannot support Senator Hawley after his role in what became a dangerous threat.”

      Hawley—one of several members of Congress who tried to overturn the results of the presidential election—reacted to the cancellation of his book on Twitter, calling it "Orwellian".

      “Simon & Schuster is canceling my contract because I was representing my constituents, leading a debate on the Senate floor on voter integrity, which they have now decided to redefine as sedition.”

      It remains to be seen whether Hawley will seek another publisher or self-publish the book. Or whether anyone would want to read it in the first place.