Two years ago, Andrew Weaver revealed he ripped up Liberal party membership; today, he's a Trudeau supporter

Carbon capture, utlilization, and capture is at the centre of Trudeau's climate proposals—and scores of environmental groups think it will make things worse

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      This week, former B.C. Green leader Andrew Weaver was in Richmond with Justin Trudeau touting the Liberal climate plan.

      The UVic professor called it "bold and thoughtful".

      "This is the plan that I've been dreaming of for most of my life," Weaver declared with Liberal candidate Joyce Murray standing behind him.

      Murray, who's seeking reelection in Vancouver Quadra, focused on climate emissions when she sought her master's degree in the early 1990s. She's running against one of the Green party's climate scientists, Devyani Singh, who's doing postdoctoral work focusing on methane emissions.

      It's a remarkable political turnaround for Weaver.

      In 2019, he expressed exasperation to the Straight about the federal Liberals' inaction on the climate.

      In fact, he confessed at the time that he quit the party because of Trudeau's handing of this issue.

      “Climate change is a very serious issue and I’m sick and tired of politicians saying we’ll do something and doing nothing, which is the reason why I tore up my membership in the federal Liberal party,” Weaver said in 2019. “It was because of [Justin] Trudeau’s hypocrisy over oilsands.”

      In that interview at the Vancouver Pride Parade, Weaver also talked about his deep concerns about a liquefied-natural-gas plant that the federal Liberal and B.C. NDP governments had approved in Kitimat.

      The Shell Oil–led consortium that owns the plant says it will produce lower carbon-dioxide equivalents for every tonne of LNG than any other plant in the world.

      It also claims that substituting coal-fired electricity with LNG in Asia will lower overall global emissions—something that's been disputed.

      Yet the Trudeau government has considered seeking carbon credits for the export of LNG.

      The last B.C. inventory of greenhouse-gas emissions revealed that 67.9 million tonnes of carbon-dioxide equivalents were emitted into the atmosphere in 2018.

      Of those, 8.8 million tonnes were from methane. And 3.78 million tonnes of those methane emissions came from the energy sector, an increase of four percent from 2017.

      But a recent study in Environmental Science & Technology came to the conclusion that actual methane releases in B.C. were 1.6 to 2.2 times greater than the federal government has estimated.

      Here's why this is important: methane has 25 times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide over 100 years, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

      So if the federal government is lowballing methane-emission estimates in B.C.—which happens to be where nearly 600 people died during a recent heat wave—then we have a big problem on our hands.

      Liberals see technology as the saviour

      The Liberal climate plan calls for the National Research Council to become "a global centre for excellence on methane detection and elimination, to address the global issues of under-reporting of methane emissions".

      This demonstrates that the party acknowledges there is a problem with the under-reporting of emissions.

      Now, let's go back to the LNG plant that the Trudeau and John Horgan governments approved in 2018.

      When it was given the green light, the B.C. government's Climate Action Secretariat said it would produce 3.45 million tonnes of carbon-dioxide equivalents per year.

      However, Marc Lee of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives estimated that the facility would actually contribute nine to 12 million tonnes per year. That included all the emissions further up the gas-supply chain as a result of fracking.

      "At the high end, these new committed emissions from LNG Canada would double the province’s emissions from the oil and gas sector," Lee wrote.

      But these numbers are relatively small compared to the emissions related to the $12.6-billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

      The Trudeau government went ahead with this after buying the whole system from Kinder Morgan.

      The production and burning of petroleum shipped through the pipeline is projected to exceed all of B.C.'s annual emissions every year.

      What does all of this have to do with the Liberal climate plan, which Weaver so heartily endorsed on September 14?

      There's much to admire in the words in the various documents. There's no question about that.

      For example, there's a call for banning thermal coal exports no later than 2030.

      It will be intriguing to see the response from billionaires Warren Buffett and Jim Pattison. Buffett owns the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway company, which brings U.S. coal up to B.C. for export. It's put on ships at Westshore Terminals in Delta, whose largest shareholder is Pattison.

      The Liberals are also promising to require oil and gas companies to reduce methane emissions by 75 percent below 2012 levels by 2030. Yet as we've seen from the B.C. data, methane emissions from the energy sector rose four percent in the last inventory. And even then, they might be under-reported.

      And given what Lee wrote for the CCPA, it will be a monumental challenge to cut methane emissions in light of the fugitive emissions that will come from fracking natural gas for the LNG Canada plant.

      Are the words in the Liberal plan just more Trudeau sophistry on the climate? Time will tell if his party is reelected.

      No cuts to oil production

      But perhaps the most questionable aspect of the Liberal plan is its call to "cap and cut emissions from oil and gas". That's part of achieving its oft-stated target of net-zero emissions in Canada by 2050.

      Here are the sentences in the Liberal plan that everyone needs to read if they're voting based on the climate.

      "Fortunately, Canada’s largest oil and gas companies are already committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. These actions will incentivize clean innovation and the adoption of clean technologies, including carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS)."

      I couldn't find anything in the Liberal plan about cutting production of oil and gas in the coming years. It's possible I overlooked this—and if I did, I encourage any Liberals reading this article to let me know. But I couldn't see this in plain English in the documents on the Liberal website.

      But I do know this: Canada's national energy regulator has forecast that oil production would peak at 7.2 million barrels per day in 2045 under a "reference scenario". This assumes higher prices and a lack of future domestic and global climate policy action. That's up sharply from 4.9 million barrels per day produced in Canada in 2019.

      In an "evolving scenario", crude oil production will peak at 5.8 million barrels per day in 2039. Under this scenario, it would then decline to 5.3 million barrels per day by 2050. That's still seven percent higher than current production, according to the national energy regulator.

      In other words, the so-called net-zero emissions promised by the oil and gas sector is extremely dependent on "carbon capture, utilization, and storage", as mentioned in the Liberal plan, because the oil companies are still going to increase production.

      Critics slam capture and storage

      But what is carbon capture, utilization, and storage? As the National Research Council website explains, it involves the use of a whole lot of technology to bury carbon-dioxide equivalents in underground reservoirs.

      Does it work? Can it work? Or are the Liberal Party of Canada and Andrew Weaver just whistling in the wind by saying that Canada can jack up oil production and still reduce emissions?

      The National Research Council insists that carbon capture, utilization, and storage "can play an essential role in the transition to a prosperous net-zero economy". It's worth noting that the B.C. government's climate plan also embraces this technology.

      Because carbon capture, utilization, and storage are so central to Canada achieving its climate targets, this technology is drawing more attention from the international environmental movement.

      On July 19, scores of organizations (see the list below) wrote an open letter to Trudeau and four of his cabinet ministers emphatically stating that "carbon capture is not a climate solution."

      "Pledges to achieve 'net zero' emissions through the use of CCS technologies rely on the flawed premise that we can continue burning fuels indefinitely by capturing some of the carbon emissions and offsetting the rest," they declared.

      "As explained below, CCS does not halt the core drivers of the climate crisis — fossil fuel production and consumption — or meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions," they continued. "Instead, it prolongs reliance on fossil fuels and, perversely, increases oil production through 'enhanced oil recovery.' CCS is neither economically sound nor feasible at scale." 

      To drive home this point, they stated: "We don't need to fix fossil fuels. We need to ditch them."

      Moreover, they insisted that storing compressed carbon dioxide is "highly hazardous" because if it leaks into communities, it "can result in the asphyxiation of humans and animals".

      "Underground storage poses additional risks, such as potential leakage, contamination of drinking water, and stimulation of seismic activity," they added.

      Among the other criticisms of carbon capture, utilization, and storage:

      * it's not consistent with the principles of environmental justice because areas targeted for carbon capture, utilization, and storage are often where Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities are "already suffering the disproportionate and deadly impacts of environmental racism";

      * it prolongs dependence on fossil fuels;

      * the majority of captured carbon is used to pump more oil out of the ground through a process called enhanced oil recovery;

      * it does not remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and, at best, merely prevents some emissions from entering the atmosphere;

      * permanent storage or sequestration is not backed by science or existing regulations.

      "Deploying CCS at any climate-relevant scale, in the short timeframe we have to avert climate catastrophe, without posing substantial risks to communities on the frontlines of the buildout, is a pipe dream," the groups stated in their letter to Trudeau and his cabinet ministers. "Despite the billions of taxpayer dollars spent by governments in both the United States and Canada on CCS over the last ten-plus years, the technology has not made a dent in CO2 emissions.

      "Continuing to sink federal funds into technological carbon capture is choosing to chase a fossil-fueled fantasy rather than deal with the root of the problem."

      Clearly, the Liberal Party of Canada and Andrew Weaver have faith in carbon capture, utilization, and storage as a climate solution for Canada.

      After all, Weaver described the Liberal climate proposals as "the plan that I've been dreaming of for most of my life".

      Below, you can read the list of signatories to the letter to Trudeau. They clearly disagree with him and Weaver when it comes to carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

      With just a few days left before the Canadian election, let the debate begin. Our lives just might depend on it.

      Ben & Jerry’s
      Catholic Divestment Network
      Citizens’ Resistance at Fermi 2
      Coalition for a Nuclear Free Great Lakes
      EcoHealth Network
      Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
      International Marine Mammal Project
      Just Transition Alliance
      Network of Spiritual Progressives
      North American Climate, Conservation, and Environment
      Ocean Conservation Research
      Oceanic Preservation Society
      Oil Change International Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
      Sisters of Charity Federation
      Social Eco Education Los Angeles
      The Enviro Show
      Waterkeeper Alliance

      Alberta Liability Disclosure Project
      Below 2ºC
      British Columbia Hydro Ratepayers Association
      Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
      Canadian Environmental Law Association
      Canadian Health Association for Sustainability & Equity
      Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice
      Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
      Canadians for Tax Fairness
      Chemainus Climate Solutions
      Climate Action Powell River
      Climate Emergency Unit
      Climate Justice Montreal
      Climate Justice Ottawa
      Committee for Human Rights in Latin America
      Community Climate Council
      Comox Valley Council of Canadians
      Council of Canadians / Le Conseil des Canadiens
      Courage Montreal
      Curr Dynasty Creative
      Ecologos Water Docs
      Environmental Defence Canada
      ENvironnement JEUnesse
      Environnement Vert Plus
      Extinction Rebellion New Brunswick
      For Our Grandchildren
      For Our Kids North Shore British Columbia
      For Our Kids Toronto
      Fridays for Future Toronto
      Friends of the Earth Canada
      Georgia Strait Alliance
      Glasswaters Foundation
      Global Peace Alliance BC Society
      Grand(m)others Act to Save the Planet
      Grandmothers Advocacy Network
      Just Earth
      MiningWatch Canada
      My Sea to Sky
      Nature Canada
      Parents for Climate
      People’s Health Movement Canada
      Réseau Québécois sur l'Intégration Continentale
      Respecting Aboriginal Values & Environmental Needs
      Seniors For Climate Action Now!
      Shift: Action for Pension Wealth & Planet Health
      Sierra Club Canada Foundation
      Simcoe County Environmental Youth Alliance
      Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition
      Sustainable Orillia Youth Council
      TBL Communications
      The Climate Reality Project Canada
      Wilderness Committee
      Women’s Healthy Environments Network

      United States
      198 methods
      2 Degrees Northampton
      350 Bay Area Action
      350 Brooklyn
      350 Butte County
      350 Central Mass
      350 Colorado
      350 Conejo / San Fernando Valley
      350 Corvallis
      350 Eugene
      350 Hawaii
      350 Juneau
      350 Kishwaukee
      350 Maine
      350 Massachusetts
      350 Merced
      350 Montana
      350 New Hampshire
      350 New Orleans
      350 NYC
      350 Sacramento
      350 Seattle
      350 Spokane
      350 Tacoma
      350 Triangle
      350 Wenatchee
      A Community Voice
      Action Center on Race & the Economy
      ActionAid USA
      Advocacy & Training Center
      Advocates for Springfield
      AFGE Local 704
      Alabama Interfaith Power & Light
      Alliance for a Green Economy
      Alliance for Affordable Energy
      Amazon Watch
      American Environmental Health Studies Project
      American Family Voices
      American Indian Movement Southern California
      Animals Are Sentient Beings
      Animas Valley Institute
      Anthropocene Alliance
      Atchafalaya Basinkeeper
      Athens County’s Future Action Network
      Atlantic Coast Conference Climate Justice Coalition
      Ban Single-Use Plastics
      Bergen County Green Party
      Berks Gas Truth
      Better Path Coalition
      Beyond Extreme Energy
      Beyond Plastics
      Black Mesa Trust
      Black Voters Matter Fund
      Bold Alliance
      Breathe Project
      Bronx Climate Justice North
      Buckeye Environmental Network
      Bucks County Concerned Citizens Against the Pipelines
      Bucks Environmental Action
      Businesses for a Livable Climate
      California Businesses for a Livable Climate
      California Democratic Party Environmental Caucus
      California Environmental Justice Alliance
      California River Watch
      California Safe Schools
      Call to Action Colorado
      Cape Downwinders
      Carrie Dickerson Foundation
      CatholicNetwork US
      Catskill Mountainkeeper
      Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church Environmental Justice Ministry
      Center for Biological Diversity
      Center for Climate Integrity
      Center for Coalfield Justice
      Center for Environmental Health
      Center for Environmentally Recycled Building Alternatives
      Center for International Environmental Law
      Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment
      CEO Pipe Organs
      Change the Chamber
      Chicago Area Peace Action
      Choctawhatchee Riverkeeper
      Church Women United in New York State
      Citizen Power
      Citizens Action Coalition
      Citizens Awareness Network
      Ciudadanos Del Karso
      Clean Air Action Network of Glens Falls
      Clean Air Now
      Clean Energy Action
      Clean Energy Now Texas
      Climate Action Now Western Mass
      Climate Action Rhode Island / 350 Rhode Island
      Climate Hawks Vote
      Climate Justice Alliance
      Climate Reality Project New Orleans
      Coal River Mountain Watch
      Coalition Against Death Alley
      Coalition Against Pilgrim Pipeline New Jersey
      Coalition for Outreach, Policy, Education
      Colorado Businesses for a Livable Climate
      Colorado Small Business Coalition
      Columbus Community Bill of Rights
      Comite Pro Uno
      Common Ground Community Trust
      Community Action Works
      Community Church of New York
      Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety
      Concerned Citizens of Saint John
      Concerned Health Professionals of New York
      Concerned Ohio River Residents
      Conejo Climate Coalition
      Congregation of Sisters of Saint Agnes
      Conservation Congress
      Conservation Council for Hawaii
      Cool Effect
      Cooperative Energy Futures
      Corporate Accountability
      Cottonwood Environmental Law Center
      Council on Intelligent Energy & Conservation Policy
      Courage California
      Damascus Citizens for Sustainability
      DC Environmental Network
      Deep Green Resistance New York
      Deep South Center for Environmental Justice
      Democratic Environmental Caucus of St. Bernard Parish
      Descendants Project
      Detroit Hamtramck Coalition for Advancing Healthy Environments
      Dis Organization for Solar Power
      Dogwood Alliance
      Don’t Gas the Meadowlands Coalition
      Don’t Waste Arizona
      Don’t Waste Michigan
      Drawdown Bay Area
      Dryden Resource Awareness Coalition
      Earth Action
      Earth Care
      Earth Day Initiative
      Earth Day Network
      Education, Economics, Environmental, Climate & Health Organization
      Electric Auto Association of Central Coast California
      Elgin Green Groups 350
      Empower Our Future
      Endangered Species Coalition
      Environmental Communion New Jersey Association United Church of Christ
      Environmental Protection Information Center
      Environmental Transformation Movement of Flint
      Environmental Working Group
      Escambia County Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida
      Extinction Rebellion New Orleans
      Extinction Rebellion San Francisco Bay Area
      Fairmont Peace Group
      Family Farm Defenders
      Fenceline Watch
      First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn
      First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans
      Five Calls Civic Action
      Florida Student Power Network
      Food & Water Watch
      Food Shift
      Forest Unlimited
      Fossil Free California
      Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard
      Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice
      FrackBusters New York
      FracTracker Alliance
      Franciscan Action Network
      FreshWater Accountability Project
      Fridays for Future USA
      Friends of Buckingham
      Friends of the Earth U.S.
      Fuerza Mundial
      Genesis Farm
      Global Justice Ecology Project
      Global Witness
      Golden Ponds Farm
      Grassroots Environmental Education
      Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
      Great Egg Harbor Watershed Association
      Great Old Broads for Wilderness
      Great Plains Action Society
      Greater Grand Rapids NAACP
      Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance
      Greater New Orleans Interfaith Climate Coalition
      Green Education & Legal Fund
      Green New Deal Virginia
      Green Newton
      Green Retirement
      Green State Solutions
      Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice
      Greenpeace USA
      Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy
      Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation USA
      Harambee House
      Harvard Solar Gardens
      Healthy Gulf
      Heirs To Our Oceans
      Homewise Realty
      Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
      Idle No More SoCal
      In the Shadow of the Wolf
      Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition
      Indigenous Environmental Network
      Indivisible CA
      Indivisible Pittsfield
      Inland Ocean Coalition
      INOCHI / Women for Safe Energy
      Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
      Institute for Policy Studies Climate Policy Program
      Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice
      International Indigenous Youth Council Los Angeles
      Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
      Ironbound Community Corporation
      John Muir Project
      Justice & Beyond
      Klamath Forest Alliance KyotoUSA
      LaPlaca & Associates
      Living Rivers
      Local Environmental Action Demanded Agency
      Long Beach 350
      Long Island Progressive Coalition
      Longmeadow Pipeline Awareness Group
      Los Padres ForestWatch
      Louisiana Bucket Brigade
      Louisiana League of Conscious Voters
      Lower 9th Ward Neighborhood Watch
      Lynn Canal Conservation
      Manhattan Project for a Nuclear-Free World
      Maryland Legislative Coalition
      Mass Peace Action
      Massachusetts Forest Watch
      Maternal & Child Health Access
      Metro New York Catholic Climate Movement
      Michigan Alliance for Justice in Climate
      Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition
      Michigan Interfaith Power & Light
      Mid-Missouri Peaceworks
      Milwaukee Riverkeeper
      Mission Blue
      Moral ReSources
      Mothers Out Front
      Mothers Out Front Tompkins
      Movement Rights Hoboken
      Nassau Hiking & Outdoor Club
      Nature Rhythms
      Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala
      Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force
      New Energy Economy
      New Jersey State Industrial Union Council
      New Mexico Environmental Law Center
      New York / New Jersey Environmental Watch
      New York Climate Action Group
      New York Lawyers for the Public Interest
      Ní Btháska Stand Collective
      Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson
      North American Water Office
      North Bronx Racial Justice
      North Carolina Council of Churches
      North Carolina Interfaith Power & Light
      North Country Earth Action
      North Range Concerned Citizens
      Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council
      Northridge Indivisible
      No Waste Louisiana
      Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
      Nuclear Information & Resource Service
      Nuclear Watch South
      NY-16 Indivisible
      NYC Environmental Justice Alliance
      Occupy Bergen County
      Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition
      Oil & Gas Action Network
      On Behalf of Planet Earth
      Organized Uplifting Resources & Strategies
      Our Climate Education Fund
      Our Place in the World: A Journal of Ecosocialism
      Our Revolution Minnesota
      Our Santa Fe River
      Partnership for Policy Integrity
      Pax Christi USA New Orleans
      Peace Action Wisconsin
      Peak Plastic Foundation
      Peninsula Interfaith Climate Action
      People Over Petro Coalition
      People’s Solar Energy Fund
      People’s Party
      Peoples Climate Movement New York
      Physicians for Social Responsibility Arizona
      Physicians for Social Responsibility Iowa
      Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania
      Pipe Line Awareness Network for the Northeast
      Plastic Free Delaware
      Plastic Pollution Coalition
      Plymouth Friends for Clean Water
      Post Carbon Institute
      Powder River Basin Resource Council
      Power Past Fracked Gas
      Power Shift Network
      Presentation Sisters
      Preserve Montgomery County Virginia
      Progressive Democrats of America
      Proposition One Campaign
      Public Citizen
      Public Goods Institute
      Publish What You Pay United States
      Pueblo Action Alliance
      Rachel Carson Council
      Rainforest Action Network
      Rapid Shift Network
      RedTailed Hawk Collective Redwood Justice Fund/ Prison Radio
      Renewable Energy Long Island
      Resistance Action Tuesdays & Thursdays Pack
      Resource Renewal Institute
      RESTORE: The North Woods
      Rio Grande Valley Great Old Broads for Wilderness
      RISE St. James
      River Guardian Foundation
      River Valley Organizing
      Riverdale Jewish Earth Alliance
      Safe Energy Rights Group
      San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace
      Sane Energy Project
      Sanford-Oquaga Area Concerned Citizens
      Santa Barbara Standing Rock Coalition
      Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
      Save Our Illinois Land
      Save RGV from LNG
      Save the Frogs!
      Science & Environmental Health Network
      Sequoia ForestKeeper
      Seven Circles Foundation
      Shenandoah Energy Services
      Sierra Club Delta Chapter
      Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Congregational Leadership
      Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Western Province Leadership
      Sisters of Charity of New York
      Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt
      Snake River Alliance
      Socially Responsible Agriculture Project
      Society of Native Nations
      Solidarity Info Service
      Sonoma County Climate Activist Network
      South Shore Audubon Society
      Southeast Faith Leaders Network
      Spirit of the Sun
      Spottswoode Winery
      Springfield Climate Justice Coalition
      Stop Fracking Long Beach
      Stop SPOT & Texas Gulflink: Save Our Gulf Coast
      Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion
      Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development
      Sunflower Alliance
      Sunrise Knoxville
      Sunrise Movement Baltimore
      Sunrise Movement New Orleans
      Sustainable Belmont
      Sustainable Medina County
      Syracuse Cultural Workers
      Texas Campaign for the Environment
      Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services
      Texas Grassroots Alliance
      The Borneo Project
      The Climate Center
      The Climate Mobilization
      The Forest Foundation
      The Freedom BLOC
      The Future Left
      The Green House Connection Center
      The Last Beach Cleanup
      The Last Plastic Straw
      The Lilies Project
      The River Project
      The Wei
      Three Mile Island Alert
      Toledo Coalition for Safe Energy
      Transition Sebastopol
      Tucson Climate Action Network
      Turtle Island Restoration Network
      Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Binghamton Green Sanctuary
      Unitarian Universalist Mass Action
      Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community
      Unite North Metro Denver
      United Church of Christ Environmental Justice Ministry
      Utah Valley Earth Forum
      Valley Watch
      Veterans For Peace Climate Crisis & Militarism Project
      Wall of Women
      Wasatch Clean Air Coalition
      Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
      Water and Air Team Charlevoix
      Wendell State Forest Alliance
      West Dryden Residents Against Pipeline
      Western Organization of Resource Councils
      Western Rural + Plains States Project
      Western Watersheds Project
      White Rabbit Grove RDNA
      Wild Nature Institute
      WildEarth Guardians
      Women Watch Afrika
      Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network
      Working Families Joliet
      Young Democrats of America Environmental Caucus
      Youth United for Climate Crisis Action
      Youth Vs. Apocalypse
      Zero Hour