Upcoming appearance by Bill Gates at TED Talk will likely bring another convoy to Vancouver

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      Earlier this month, Premier John Horgan told the vaccine-mandate protesters that it was time to get a hobby.

      "Find a better way to take your energies and put it to positive outcomes," Horgan advised them. "That's my recommendation."

      Some of those who have a problem with COVID-19 vaccines and measures to stop the spread aren't listening to him.

      On April 10, they plan on descending on the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre to protest a TED Talk by Bill Gates.

      Leading the charge will be Chris Sky, an antivaxxer who was charged last year with uttering threats and assaulting a police officer. Police allege that he threatened to kill all the premiers in Canada, but this claim has not been tested in court.

      Based on comments on Facebook, it looks like protesters will be coming from as far away as the Okanagan. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Gates is in cahoots with U.S. infectious-diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci as part of a plot to bring on global government.
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