Vaccine-mandate opponent and convoy organizer Pat King describes growing police presence in Ottawa

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      Fences have gone up around Parliament Hill to keep protesters off the grounds.

      And just on the other side of the fence, one of the convoy to Ottawa's early organizers, Pat King, has declared that he doesn't know the reason for doing this.

      "I'm tired but I know something's going down. I watched it," King also said on his Facebook feed this morning.

      On February 16, Ottawa police issued notices to people camping in vehicles in the city that if they do not leave from unlawful protest sites, they may be be arrested and charged with criminal offences.

      In addition, their driver's licences may be suspended or cancelled. The same could happen to their Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration.

      Police also warned that their personal or business bank accounts may be examined and subjected to restrictions. And those who bring anyone under 18 to an unlawful protest site may be charged and fined up to $5,000 and potentially sent to jail for five years.

      The police have beefed up their presence in downtown Ottawa.

      On his Facebook feed, King claimed to have witnessed officers unloaded from four buses. He added that there are 150-plus police cars in the area, and six buses ready to transport prisoners.

      In an interview with a U.S. media outlet, King made this claim: "There's never been violence. Not once. Never."

      There was, however, a fire set in the lobby of one Ottawa apartment building where residents had been complaining about the convoy members honking truck horns late into the night.

      People who've worn masks outside, including a former police chief, have said that they've been harassed. And merchants have closed stores because maskless activists have entered shops and malls in groups.

      King revealed to the reporter that his bank account has been frozen.

      King livestreamed himself checking out what was happening in Ottawa this morning.

      He also stated that it's going to be very difficult to get the trucks to leave Ottawa.

      "There's no tow trucks in Canada that will touch us," King claimed. "They even tried Buffalo, New York, and they said 'no'."

      Moreover, King dismissed the media's efforts to play up the existence of swastikas and a Confederate flag at the initial protest in Ottawa.

      According to him, this emphasis "shows the quality of the people" in the media.

      "The media is the virus," King declared. "And if you're going to focus on that rather than focus on what's going on, then you don't deserve to be a news reporter. And the good news reporter gets the whole story, not just a little piece or a little tidbit that [an] editor wants them to get."

      The Freedom Convoy 2022 has continued to invite sovereign-citizen Christopher James Pritchard to speak at its rallies even as it dismisses the allegations of racism.

      Not long ago, Pritchard, a.k.a. Christopher James, defended Adolf Hitler's attack on Russia during a diatribe praising U.S. general George Patton.

      In 2020, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network noted that King endorsed the idea of assaulting demonstrators before an antiracist rally in Red Deer, Alberta.

      Pat King showed up in this video endorsing a man pushing an antiracist to the ground.