Vancouver and Victoria assault suspects spit on bus driver, police officer, and Kitsilano businesses

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      While spitting on someone is deemed a serious assault, the act of doing so has taken on additional health concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

      However, several recent incidents have arisen in B.C. involving suspects spitting on people or properties.

      In one such case, as previously reported, Vancouver police had released footage and images on January 22 of a male suspect who physically assaulted and spat on a store manager at a 7-Eleven for being asked to wear a mask when he entered the store on December 17.

      In addition, Vancouver police issued violation fines to a couple after they walked around a False Creek gym without masks and coughed in the direction of people and equipment on January 16.

      Other cases have taken place over the past few months in Vancouver and Victoria. 

      Kitsilano businesses

      CTV News reported on January 27 that employees at a barber shop and dental office in Kitsilano in Vancouver have repeatedly found spit on their doors and windows of their storefronts every two weeks over the past six months.

      After the dentist installed a surveillance camera, which captured footage of a man walking past the businesses and spitting.

      The video has been submitted to the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), who are working to identify the suspect.

      Taxi passenger

      In a separate incident, the VPD stated on January 25 that a taxi driver flagged down a police officer near Cambie Street and West Hastings on January 22.

      The taxi’s female passenger refused to pay the $9 fare for the ride and was attempting to walk away.

      However, when the officer tried to stop her, she spit at his face, hitting his eye. The officer sought medical treatment.

      The 37-year-old woman from Vancouver was taken into police custody and faces charges of fraud and assaulting a police officer.

      Victoria bus incident

      Meanwhile, the Victoria Police Department issued a news release on January 27, asking for the public’s help in identifying a female suspect who spat on a bus driver around 6:30 p.m. on October 29.

      When the bus driver allegedly had to make a sudden stop after being cut off by another vehicle, the female passenger fell out of her seat. In response, she became irate and approached the driver.

      Victoria police also released the above video of the incident.

      In the video, she demands the driver’s name and information, yanks at the plastic barrier protecting the driver, and swings her arm at him several times before spitting at him. Police note that the sound of the video has been edited due to her abusive language.

      She is described as a young white female with medium-coloured long hair and a slender build who is 163 centimetres (five-feet, four-inches) tall. At the time, she was wearing a light grey sweatshirt and dark leggings.

      Afterward, she exited the bus and fled southbound on Quadra Street. 

      Anyone who has information about this incident or suspect is asked to contact the Victoria Police Department or Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers.

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