Vancouver civic party VOTE Socialist proposes 50-cent transit fare

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      VOTE Socialist wants to see a Vancouver for everyone, “not just the wealthy few”.

      In order to get there, the civic party has laid out a comprehensive platform in its bid to win seats in council, park board, and school board in this year’s October 15 municipal election.

      VOTE Socialist’s program covers a range of issues, from housing to arts, and it includes its vision for free transit.

      The party aims to “move towards fare-free public transit by continually reducing fares over time, with no cuts to existing service”.

      This comes “while continuing to expand service through improved coverage and frequency, and building new transit projects”.

      The party’s plan for free transit starts with a number of components.

      One is the introduction of “low fares” of 50 cents for riders aged 19 to 64.

      This would mean a huge discount from the current cash fares, which range from $3.10 for single zone to $6.05 for three zones.

      Fares using stored value on Compass Card are cheaper, with a one zone costing $2.50.

      Under the current system, some passengers are entitled to discounted concession fares.

      These include HandyCard holders, and seniors 65 and older.

      Also, as of September 1, 2021, children 12 and under can ride on TransLink services free of charge.

      In its platform, VOTE Socialist also proposes to “implement free fares for residents under 18 and over 65”.

      The party likewise wants to “eliminate bus fares for people with disabilities and those on welfare”.

      To accomplish the goal, VOTE Socialist intends to “develop new revenue sources to reduce and eventually replace fares”.

      These sources include “excess profits tax on oil companies selling motor fuel in the City of Vancouver”.

      To read more about VOTE Socialist’s platform, see here.