Vancouver council approves upzoning in Shaughnessy one day after voting for densifying project on Dunbar Street

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      Another 90 secured market rental homes will be built on Vancouver's West Side as a result of two rezonings approved this week.

      Tonight, city council voted 10-1 in favour of allowing 81 units in a four-storey apartment project at 4750 Granville and 1494 West 32nd Avenue.

      It's highly unusual for council to approve a secured-market rental building in the wealthy Second Shaughnessy neighbourhood.

      According to a staff report, this 60,000-square-foot structure met the intent of the Affordable Housing Choices Interim Rezoning Policy.

      The project will have a floor-space ratio of 1.6 and include 10 three-bedroom units. There will also be 19 two-bedroom units and 52 one-bedroom suites.

      The developer will dedicate a six-metre wide pave lane behind the street and 3.3 metres along Granville Street to provide a "wider public realm and street right-of-way".

      The NPA's Colleen Hardwick was the only member of council to vote against the proposal.

      A presentation by the developer showed that the population of Second Shaughnessy has fallen by 6.5 percent over the past five years. The population of school children in the neighbourhood has fallen by 15 percent over the past decade.

      The city received 236 pieces of correspondence in favour and 229 opposed.

      The staff report to council included a chart outlining rental costs on the West Side in newer buildings in comparison to ownership costs for median-priced strata units.

      It demonstrated that if rental projects are built, it will enable residents with lower average household incomes to live in this part of Vancouver.

      City of Vancouver

      The approval of the Granville and West 32nd Avenue project came a day after council voted unanimously for another rezoning project with secured market rentals.

      This will allow nine units of secured rentals in two buildings at 6031 Dunbar Street. It will be built south of West 43rd Avenue in a tree-lined area with single-family homes.

      Earlier this month, Vancouver city council voted 6-5 in favour of 258 secured market rentals on the old Denny's restaurant site at the corner of Birch Street and West Broadway. The rezoning application for this 28-storey tower was opposed by Hardwick, COPE's Jean Swanson, Green councillors Pete Fry and Adriane Carr, and independent Rebecca Bligh.