Vancouver Granville Greens search for sufficient number of signatures to get Imtiaz Popat on the ballot

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      Antiracist activist and therapeutic counsellor Imtiaz Popat has run for public office on several occasions in the past, including for mayor of Surrey in 2018.

      He hopes to be the Green candidate in Vancouver Granville in the September 20 federal election. His party, however, still hasn't collected enough signatures to meet an Elections Canada threshold.

      In an email to Green supporters in Vancouver Granville, the riding association's financial agent, Jinhi Ahn, wrote that Popat needs at least 100 signatures, which must be submitted to the federal election regulator by August 30.

      "Help our candidate, Imtiaz Popat, get on the ballot for the 2021 federal election by signing his Elections Canada Nomination Paper," Ahn wrote.

      Ahn's email was sent on August 24—three days after a commentary appeared on urging Green Leader Annamie Paul not to nominate a candidate in Vancouver Granville.

      That was because the NDP had already nominated someone with strong credentials on climate issues: Anjali Appadurai.

      Appadurai is the climate-justice lead at Sierra Club B.C. and has been a high-profile climate activist since she delivered a fiery speech at a UN climate summit in Durban in 2011.

      The column urged Paul to make a deal with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh to allow Green candidate and climate scientist Deyani Singh to run unopposed by an NDP candidate in Vancouver Quadra in return for Appadurai running unopposed by a Green in Vancouver Granville.

      Vancouver Granville NDP candidate Anjali Appadurai and Vancouver Quadra Green candidate Devyani Singh have focused enormous attention on climate issues.

      The column did not disparage Popat's worthiness for public office; rather, it suggested that Paul ensure he be nominated in another riding.

      The Greens intend to run Alaric Paivarinta in Vancouver Centre, Cheryl Matthew in Vancouver East, and Farrukh Chishtie in Vancouver Kingsway.