Vancouver lot where 2018 fire destroyed empty home returns to market asking $4,699,000

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      Per B.C. Assessment, 2250 Southwest Marine Drive was last sold on August 3, 2020 for $3,490,000.

      The Vancouver property has sat empty since a July 2018 fire destroyed the vacant house there.

      The residential lot has a 2022 assessment of $3,831,000.

      That’s up from the previous year’s valuation of $3,459,000.

      There’s a new listing for the property, and the asking price is $4,699,000.

      The property was on the market for $4,660,000 when a July 29, 2018 fire razed the unoccupied home there at the time.

      Journalist Bob Mackin later reported on his The Breaker News site that the listing agent in 2018 wasn't immediately aware about the incident.

      "A fire? I didn’t know. That house is not liveable, nobody lives there,” the realtor said in Mackin's report.

      The agent was also quoted saying, “I didn’t know that happened. I don’t know. I will let my seller know, they are on vacation, I think.”

      The new June 2, 2022 listing states that the "old house was demolished”.

      The lot has a frontage of 110 feet and depth of 243 feet.

      The Vancouver real estate listing says a buyer can build a 10,000-plus-square-foot “mansion dream house”.