Vancouver police constable faces seven criminal charges, including breach of trust and theft

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      The Vancouver Police Department's motto is "Beyond the Call". But many officers are likely seeing one of their colleagues' actions as "beyond the pale".

      Today, the VPD disclosed that Const. Neil Logan faces five criminal charges in connection to on-duty behaviour. Two additional charges have been laid in connection with what he was doing in his free time.

      “I am deeply disappointed about what our investigation uncovered into Mr. Logan’s behaviour, but am pleased by the thorough and comprehensive work of our detectives,” Deputy Chief Laurence Rankin said in a VPD news release. “Police officers are held to a higher standard—as they should be—and need to be held accountable for their behaviour.”

      Logan faces two charges of theft, two charges of breach of trust, and one charge of possession of a controlled substance in connection with what he was doing on the job. 

      He's also been charged with theft and possession of a controlled substance in connection with off-duty activities.

      None of the allegations have been proven in court.

      One of Logan's alleged associates, 20-year-old Surrey resident Dilpreet Kooner, faces four counts in connection with drug trafficking.

      According to the VPD news release, Logan has been suspended and "is no longer an active member of the department".

      In 2017, Logan was the subject of a criminal investigation in Oregon in connection with an allegation that he struck his girlfriend.

      The probe was dropped after Logan reportedly refused to give Oregon police a statement. 

      Last May, the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner announced that a public hearing into misconduct charges against Logan had been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

      It concerned the degree of force used by him and another officer against Vladimir Tchaikoun when they visited Tchaikoun's home in 2017. The hearing resumed in August.