Vancouver police warn of "alarming" death-threat letter scam circulating in Lower Mainland

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      The Vancouver Police Department's Cybercrime Unit has tweeted a warning about a shocking death-threat letter scam.
      "SCAM ALERT," reads the VPDCU tweet. "The following letter has been received in the Lower Mainland:" The letter reads:

      Congratulations! You are now in possession of a controlled substance. Payment for this product is now due!

      Pay very close attention to the next 4 directives. You life depends on it

      1. Flush narcotics down the toilet.

      2. Thoroughly wash hands.

      3. Send .05 bitcoin.

      4. After bitcoin is sent, shred document.

      Failure to send bitcoin will result in the death or [sic] you and/or your family. Property can be torched. Brake lines can be cut. A lethal dose of fentanyl can be easily hidden in Amazon packages, mail, letters, and food delivery. 1 grain is enough to kill an adult. You would never see it coming. Our associates also have a habit of doing drive-by. The bottom line is you will be FUCKING DEAD!

      Bitcoin can be purchased through Bitcoin ATMS, or through apps in Apple and Google store. The address/code is specific to you, so we can see when you send. Otherwise your life is about to expire.


      Contacting the authorities will result in death. We have connections in the RCMP and police detachments. Some of our associates live in your neighbourhood and they are monitoring you. We are watching 24/7. Send .05 bitcoin to the following address or die: 

      Or use the QR scancode.

      You have 24hrs. Follow our directions and you will live.

                                                               ---END OF LETTER-- 

      "Police are aware and want to warn the public," reads the remainer of the VPD Cybercrime Unit tweet. "DO NOT send bitcoin. Although alarming, the threats are false."