Vancouver real estate: empty lot where mansion was demolished amid bitter divorce sold for $4.5 million

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      A vacant Vancouver lot with an interesting back story has been sold.

      For anyone who cares to listen, the new owner will have some tale to tell about the property that went for $4.5 million.

      A magnificent mansion once stood at 6289 Carnarvon Street, but it was razed to the ground.

      As for details, Bethany Lindsay of CBC did extensive reporting about the property more than two years ago.

      Lindsay reported in 2018 that it was “possible this significant piece of Vancouver’s built history has been lost to spite”.

      The home was knocked down in 2015 amid a “contentious divorce” between the owner, Jin Fang Li, and her then-husband, Shen Yung Dong.

      Moreover, the demolition permit was issued in Dong’s name, and there was no signature from Li.

      According to Lindsay, the woman has alleged that the man “conspired to have it torn down while she was out of the country”.

      Li has owned 6289 Carnarvon Street since 2012.

      Lindsay reported that the woman received a permit to renovate the house.

      However, in June 2014, an application was submitted to “tear down the house completely”.

      “Though Li is identified as the owner in that document, the space for her signature has been left blank,” Lindsay reported.

      The demolition permit was approved on February 25, 2015, with Dong, listed as the owner.

      “The couple filed for divorce a few days later, court records show,” Lindsay reported.

      According to B.C. Assessment, 6289 Carnarvon Street’s 2021 value as of July 1, 2020 is $5,382,000.

      Based on tracking by real-estate site, the lot was listed on the market on March 13, 2020.

      The property was advertised for a price of $5,980,000. The price was later reduced to $4,980,000.

      A buyer came and purchased the property on December 26, 2020 for a discount at $4.5 million.

      According to, the transaction was reported on February 2 this year.