Vancouver real estate: realtor and reality series star Layla Yang selling $17 million home for $38 million

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      The most expensive home on the market in Canada today has a reality show star as agent.

      That’s Layla Yang, lead character in the new series Unbreakable Agent.

      Actually, the $37,990,000 property being sold by Yang has been on the market for almost five months.

      The founder of Dracco Pacific Realty first listed the Vancouver mansion on September 29, 2020 at the same price.

      Guess who owns this luxury residence at 4868 Drummond Drive?

      A title search identifies the owner as Hanying Chen.

      The owner’s occupation?

      Student, according to the document.

      The title search was generated by a person named Tim Xu.

      A Tim Xu works at the Richmond-based Dracco Pacific Realty.

      Just because the mansion is priced $37,990,000 doesn’t mean that this is the actual worth of the property.

      B.C. Assessment placed the 2021 value of the property as of July 1, 2020 at $16,649,000.

      According to real-estate site, the asking price is 128.2 percent more than the assessed value, or more than double. has also tracked the property’s history.

      On November 18, 2005, a buyer picked up 4868 Drummond Drive for $5,927,600.

      After about six years, it was listed on June 13, 2011 for $19,900,000.

      It sold on December 8, 2011 for $14,680,000.

      Back to the title search, Hanying Chen, identified as a student, became the property’s owner in 2015.

      In 2016, a mortgage was registered with CIBC or the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

      A new mortgage was registered about three years later in 2019.

      Going back to’s tracking, Yang’s Dracco Pacific Realty listed 4868 Drummond Drive on September 29, 2020.

      The listing expired on January 16, 2021, and a new listing was made on January 18.

      Earlier last January, B.C. Assessment released a list of the 500 most expensive homes in the province.

      The seven-bedroom, eight-bath home being marketed by Yang came 112th on the said list.

      In 2020, the most expensive home sold in B.C. was 3019 Point Grey Road in Vancouver.

      The property once rumoured to have been eyed by Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle sold for $27 million.

      On B.C. Assessment’s list of 500 most expensive properties, 3019 Point Grey Road came 39th with a 2021 assessed value of $21,922,000, which is more than the assessed value of 4868 Drummond Drive.

      The 4868 Drummond Drive property sits on a half-hectare Vancouver lot in Point Grey.

      An agent who can bring in a buyer for Yang’s listing is up for a big payday.

      The star of Agent Unbreakable is offering a commission of 3.255 percent on the first $100,000, 1.1625 percent on the balance, plus a bonus of $100,000.

      The 4868 Drummond Drive residence sits on a half-hectare lot. It includes a tennis court and an indoor pool.

      Yang’s reality show is being produced by the guys who created the series Ultra Rich Asian Girls in 2014.

      The Straight’s Craig Takeuchi was not impressed by the 2014 series, and did a review here.