Vancouver realtor sues former broker for alleged $33,594 unpaid commissions

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      Zaihan "Cedric" Zhang, a Vancouver realtor, claims his former broker owes him money.

      Zhang alleges that he was not paid $33,594.48, which represents the balance of his commissions from four transactions.

      The realtor tried to collect without success.

      Now he is suing Maxxus International Real Estate Group Inc. and Christopher Elliot Hughes.

      Last month, Zhang filed a notice of claim before the B.C. Supreme Court.

      “Zhang relies on the common law of contract, fraud, and unjust enrichment,” the claim stated.

      The allegations made by Zhang have not been tested in court.

      The Georgia Straight requested comment from Hughes, and has not received any.

      On September 9, Zhang’s lawyer Arden Beddoes issued a media release about the notice of claim.

      Beddoes told the Straight on Friday (September 25) that the defendants have not filed a response in court.

      According to the claim, Zhang worked on contract with Maxxus. Hughes was the managing broker of the company.

      Zhang represented purchasers in four pre-sale condo transactions in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond.

      The deals purportedly earned him $54,886.66 in commissions.

      However, Zhang alleged that he was not paid in full.

      Maxxus stopped operations in February 2019.

      According to the claim, Hughes is currently senior managing broker at JOVI Realty Inc.

      Zhang alleged that in a meeting with Hughes, his former broker told him that the Maxxus trust account did not have the money to pay him.

      The claim also noted that Zhang filed a complaint against Hughes before the Real Estate Council of B.C. on May 31, 2020.

      In the September 9 media release, the realtor’s lawyer, Beddoes, mentioned that another realtor, Teresa Leung, was not fully paid her commissions while working with Maxxus.

      Leung brought a claim against Maxxus and Hughes before the B.C. Civil Resolution Tribunal.

      Leung alleged that Maxxus overcharged her in fees related to three pre-sale condo transactions.

      The fees were deducted from her commissions.

      On August 24, 2020, tribunal member Kristin Gardner ordered Maxxus to pay Leung $1,740.50 in fees that overcharged from the realtor.