Video: MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell declares that Donald Trump's silence is his concession speech

"Take it for what it is: five full days and nights of your life without the sound of that voice."

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      Last night, MSNBC host and uber-liberal Lawrence O'Donnell took a special delight in needling Donald Trump for not speaking in public for five days.

      In an upbeat and mocking commentary aimed directly at the president, O'Donnell also maintained that nobody is surprised that Trump is behaving badly.

      To O'Donnell, Trump's silence—his refusal to make any public comment in five days—is his concession speech.

      "The man who loves his voice more than anyone alive has not allowed you to hear his voice for five days and nights for the first time in the history of his political career," O'Donnell said. "Silence. The silence is the concession speech. The concession was never going to be words. Not from Donald Trump.

      "The silence is the concession speech. Take it for what it is: five full days and nights of your life without the sound of that voice," O'Donnell continued with a mirthful look on his face. "If you were dancing in the streets this weekend, you should still be dancing in the streets because nothing bad has happened since then."

      He quickly added that 140,000 Americans a day being infected by COVID-19 is the real danger facing his country, "not the petulant president whose days are numbered".

      You can see the entire commentary below. 

      Video: Watch Lawrence O'Donnell's commentary.

      According to O'Donnell (once an aide to a Democratic senator), each state's votes will be certified in time for the Electoral College to declare Biden the winner on December 14.

      "The reign of the corrupt is over. The reign of the incompetent is over," O'Donnell stated. "And if they try anything on the way out the door, Joe Biden and [incoming White House chief of staff] Ron Klain are going to assemble a team that will track them down and make them pay."