Video: NDP MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq says she was racially profiled in House of Commons

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      Nunavut NDP MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq delivered a scathing final speech in Parliament.

      Qaqqaq declared since being elected in 2019, she expects to be stopped by security at her workplace.

      She also said that security staff jog after her down hallways, racially profiling her in Parliament.

      "Every time I walk on House of Commons grounds, speak in these chambers, I’m reminded every step of the way I don’t belong here," she said.

      Moreover, Qaqqaq said that as a "brown woman", she knows that she must not move too suddenly, raise her voice, or make a scene. Rather, she stated that she must maintain eye contact and not hide her hands.

      "Every Inuk has survival mode," Qaqqaw said. "We have to. Not two generations ago, survival meant endurance of extreme temperatures and finding food through the winter."

      She also said that there's a suicide epidemic yet the institution of Parliament refuses to care.

      Qaqqaq announced in May that she won't be seeking reelection. You can watch a video of her speech below.