Videos: Victoria couple buys retired B.C. Ferries lifeboat for a tiny home

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      A Victoria couple is converting a retired B.C. Ferries lifeboat for a home.

      Toryn Sundstrom and Dani Tate-Stratton plan not only to live on the 28-foot craft they have named as Luja.

      They also dream of cruising to faraway places such as the canals of Europe.

      Tate-Stratton is a graphic designer who works for companies across Canada and startups in Silicon Valley.

      Sundstrom, for his part, works as machinist in Central Saanich.

      On the couple’s website, Tate-Stratton relates that she and Sundstrom met in 2010.

      At the time, they were “doing equestrian vaulting--gymnastics on the back of a moving horse”.

      “Since then, we've dreamt up plenty of unconventional schemes, and we think this is our best one yet!” she said about their decision to buy an old B.C. Ferries lifeboat and convert it into a tiny home.

      Watch here how Toryn Sundstrom and Dani Tate-Stratton bought their lifeboat named Luja in Delta.

      Publicist Alexandra Pony wrote in a note that it is the couple’s way of “getting creative with dealing with astronomical housing prices and rental increases”.

      When reached by phone, Pony told the Straight that Sundstrom and Tate-Stratton are currently renting.

      The couple expects to finish work on Luja in 2022.

      The two have posted videos on their YouTube channel Living On A Lifeboat