@Vikileaks30 Twitter account attracts hordes of followers who want to read the dirt on Vic Toews

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      A new Twitter account, @Vikileaks30, has more than 7,000 followers.

      That's many times the number of people following Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, who has introduced a bill in Parliament giving police greater powers to snoop through people's web browsing.

      The new Twitter account dishes the dirt on how Toews is spending public money, not to mention his messy divorce in 2008.

      In some provinces, you can photocopy affidavits from a court file in connection with contested divorces, like the one involving Toews, which came after he fathered a child out of wedlock. The federal Divorce Act sets the rules for splitting up from a married spouse.

      That's not the case in B.C., however. Many years ago, the Social Credit government sealed public access to divorce and child-custody fights.

      Poor Vic Toews. He’ll have to set his mind to changing the rules across the country after the horse has left his barn.



      glen p robbins

      Feb 18, 2012 at 11:12pm

      The deal here is this isn't left or right. It's come down to them or us - social media is emboldening people - and the usual fear mongering and control efforts by 'authority' won't work. There are some of us who have the bad secrets of many people in authority - imagine for example knowing - let's say a Judge's involvement in something illicit or illegal. You identify that 'person in authorities' residential address - and you telephone every address around that persons residence - with a perfectly valid question - for instance 'In your opinion should a Judge who can be linked to -this and that' be reported about in the press'? Publish the results - and claim the telephone target area. Then count the days until the resignation. This isn't about meanness or disrespect for authority - its about taking whatever steps are necessary and reasonable in bad times - whether its a conservative or new democrat - liberal or reformer - judge, doctor, teacher, talk show host and keeping them humble - and maybe just a wee bit scared. That combination will root out the arrogance which is presently ruining our province - and our country too.

      I've always said this - and I believe its valid still - you don't need to fly a plane into buildings (killing innocent people - breaking the law) to make big changes in democracy. You need to be smarter and more sophisticated than that.

      This is a Glen P. message and I approve of it.

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