Want to be mayor of Vancouver or run for city council? Here's how to become an official candidate

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      The City of Vancouver sent out an information bulletin today (August 16) on how to file a nomination to officially become a candidte in the October 2022 municipal election.

      The bulletin is reprinted below in full.


      How to officially become a candidate in the Vancouver Election
      Book an appointment now to file your nomination

      People who are eligible to become a candidate in the upcoming municipal election in October 2022 are invited to review the nomination package and book their appointment now to file their official nomination documents.

      Candidate and elector organization (political parties) information packages are available:

      • online at vancouver.ca/vote, or
      • at the Vancouver Election Office (305 West 8th Avenue)
      • in the City Clerk’s Office (third floor) at City Hall (453 West 12th Avenue)

      How to file your nomination papers
      To become an official candidate, eligible candidates must successfully submit their completed nomination documents during the nomination period, starting on Tuesday, August 30 until Friday, September 9. Candidates and elector organizations are required to make an appointment with the Chief Election Officer to submit their nomination documents. To book an appointment, call 604-829-2010. 

      Nomination documents will be accepted at the Election Office located at 305 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver or City Hall at 453 West 12th Avenue for candidates with mobility challenges. Please advise the Election Office of mobility challenges when making your appointment.

      Who are Vancouverites voting for?
      On Saturday, October 15, 2022, eligible Vancouver voters will vote for:

      • One Mayor
      • 10 Councillors
      • Seven Park Board Commissioners
      • Nine School Trustees

      All offices are held for a four-year term. The official list of candidates will be available on Friday, September 16 at 4 pm.

      Who can become a candidate?
      Those interested in becoming a candidate in the Vancouver Election must meet the following requirements:

      • Be 18 years of age or older as of general Election Day
      • Be a Canadian citizen
      • Be a resident of BC for 6 months before nomination date
      • Not be subject to any of the disqualifications set out in section 38(2) of the Vancouver Charter

      There are no political experience or special background required to become a candidate.

      Support for candidates
      The Vancouver Election Office hosted four candidate 101 sessions with various information on how to prepare to become a candidate, key dates, staff support when elected, as well as nominations and campaigning for the election. Recordings of these sessions as well as more information on the nomination process, including signage rules and how parties can endorse candidates, are available at vancouver.ca/vote.

      What’s new for candidates and elector organizations in the 2022 Vancouver Election

      • There are new changes in the Local Elections Campaign Financial Act (LECFA). These changes include extending the pre-campaign period, limiting sponsorship contributions, elector organizations registrations with Elections BC, and new tools to investigate those who do not comply with the new campaign financing rules. Find out more here. Campaign finance rules are administered by Elections BC, not the City of Vancouver.
      • As in 2018, candidates in all races will be listed in random order on the ballot (not alphabetical). For this election, there will be a number appearing beside each candidate’s name. The random order list will be drawn after 4 pm on Friday, September 16 and will be widely available to Vancouver residents.

      Vancouver Election Office open
      The Vancouver Election Office is now open to the public at 305 West 8th Avenue, from 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, except on statutory holidays. Staff can help voters with planning their vote, and candidates with the nomination and election process.

      Election information is also available at vancouver.ca/vote or by calling 3-1-1.