West End tenant tells more than 200 neighbours that he won't follow Dr. Bonnie Henry's order to wear a mask

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      Many tenants and owners in Vancouver multi-unit buildings have noticed new signs regarding mask use on the premises.

      That's because the provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has ordered that people cover their mouth and nose in all public spaces until December 7.

      Landlord B.C., which represents apartment owners, even created a sign that managers can print and place in high-traffic areas.

      In a bulletin to members, it also stated that Dr. Henry's order applies to apartment and condo building common areas.

      But a West End tenant named William has a big problem with that.

      In his large Nelson Street building, he placed a letter on his neighbours' doorsteps declaring that he will not abide by the universal mask policy.

      "Should anyone attempt to fine me, or force their own beliefs on myself or others rightfully defending their freedoms and health autonomy they can expect the full force of rightful law in return," William declared in writing. 

      "I will further seek maximum damages in civil courts for any actions that cause a loss and/or infringe upon my rights or human sovereignty, including my tenancy rights," he added in bold-faced type.

      This horrified one of his neighbours, Justinne KatarungAnn Ramirez.

      She tweeted that his response potentially puts people in her building at risk, including low-income, disabled, and elderly tenants.

      That's when the former B.C. Green candidate in Vancouver–West End, James Marshall, weighed in on social media with this thought:

      Write a letter back:

      "Dear William,

      You live in a society. Wear a mask and don't be a jerk."

      On November 24, B.C. shattered its previous one-day record for COVID-19 cases when 941 positive test results were recorded.

      The provincial government has declared that anyone who refuses to comply with the direction of an enforcement officer may be fined up to $230.