Who needs curb appeal? Vancouver home in marketing photo showing knee-high grass listed for $5,556,000

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      Home sellers typically do some work to prettify their property inside and out.

      For outside, that usually means mowing the grass, tidying up the garden, and so on.

      It’s all meant to create a good first impression before a potential buyer walks into the residence.

      In the industry, that’s called curb appeal.

      A Vancouver property doesn’t seem to need all that.

      The listing for 2475 Edgar Crescent features only one photo, and it shows what realtor Adam Major describes as “knee-high grass”.

      The property’s listing was tracked by Zealty.ca, the real-estate information site of which Major is CEO and owned by Holywell Properties, where Major is a managing broker.

      “What I like about the current listing is that there is one picture, 15-degrees off level, showing the front yard with knee-high grass,” Major told the Straight.

      Major noted that the picture is “definitely worth five-and-half million”, with the property’s listing price of $5,556,000.

      “The property is a redevelopment play attempting to subdivide the lot in two, so in fairness, the sellers have done some work,” Major said.

      The listing for 2475 Edgar Crescent states that “applications to the city have been made for the subdivision” of the 100-foot-front lot into two properties.

      “We anticipate that this subdivision will be granted by the end of the month,” the June 1, 2021 listing states.

      It wasn’t immediately known if the grass was cut after the June 1 listing day.

      Major noted that Quilchena property has a 2021 assessed value of $3.039 million.

      He said that this means that its listing price of $5,556,000 is 82 percent over assessed value.

      Also, Major related that the Vancouver West Side property also has “lots of transaction history, having sold twice in 2016”.

      The property was sold in June 2016 for $3,925,000.

      About six months later in December of the same year, 3475 Edgar Crescent was sold again for $3,390,000.